2009 fantasy football starters mock draft schedule
Staff Writer: Jeff Coruccini

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Fantasy Football Starters.com is proud to announce our 2009 fantasy football mock draft schedule of when we plan to conduct our experts mock drafts for every month this off season. Russ Bliss our nationally acclaimed analyst who features one of the most informative fantasy football blogs on our site has agreed to host, participate and provide commentary on each of the mock drafts we host and promote for industry experts.

Plus, this year and for many more these will all be conducted  through our mock draft software. That's right one of the many benefits our members wanted to have was the ability to practice their drafting skills and interact with other members, friends, family members and so called industry experts the entire off season. As you may have heard, our software also has automated experts in the event you can not fill out your draft with humans.

So without further notice we have listed below a tenative schedule for 2009 NFL Fantasy Football Mock Drafts, where one or many owners of fantasy football starters (Russ, Simon, Dana & Jeff) will participate along with other fantasy football experts & members of our community:

FFStarters first 2009 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Invitational is scheduled for February, 19th, 2009 830pm EST. This will be a popular one as industy experts and most of the fantasy football starters staff participate in this baby. Details on other participants for this even will be updated in January. Results of this draft will be posted over the following weekend (2/20) with commentary provided by Russ Bliss.

March Madness fantasy football mock draft is currenlty scheduled for March 19th, 2009 at 730pm EST. This time be on the look out for some of our very own moderators like: Travis, Robert, Jeff, Eric and James to participate as they get a chance to show their early 2009 fantasy football picks. We may also start to get a glance on some earlyadvice, like he had here in September of 2008 on some  2009 fantasy football IDP Rankings as well, featured by FFS.coms Robert the IDP Guru.

April NFL Mock Draft here at Fantasy Football Starters: Thats right this will be our first shot at having an NFL Mock Draft for the 2009 NFL Draft class. Our annual contest that includes who can pick what players get drafted in the first round, at each position, with the winners receiving fantasy football gift cards will take place April 23rd, 2009 at 630pm EST. Results will be posted and discussed in our forums and on Russ's blog.

May Fantasy Football Mock Draft Special! This event will have other fantasy football experts who will not only particpate in the draft, but also conduct chat wraps to answer questions immediately following the NFL Draft. Folks like NFL TouchDowns Andy Benoit will go head to head with Russ on the impact 2009 NFL Rookie players will have on thier teams. Date and time is currently set for May 14th, 2009 at 7pm EST.

Also, if you get a chance be sure to check out a few players we think will improve their stock in 2008 and become excellent potential picks, or players climbing up the ladder in 2009 fantasy football rankings!

We encourage you to check back often as this page will be updated and don't forget to register now for free access to all our fantasy football software that includes the hottest forums on the planet. Good luck this season.