Preview: 2010 NFL Draft Quarterbacks

Authored by: NFL Fantasy Football Analyst Russ Bliss

The 2010 class at QB boasts several high profile names that are nationally recognized. But there are a couple of lesser known guys who could surprise as well and eventually find themselves on future 2010 fantasy football rankings. It’s a consensus that the top 2 prospects are Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen. If Bradford isn’t the 1st overall selection, he’ll fall no farther than 4th. Clausen will go in the first round and could be as high as 4th. While Tim Tebow ranks 5th on this list, it won’t be a surprise if he is the 3rd QB taken. Colt McCoy’s pro day (which hasn’t happened as of this writing) will go a long way in determining whether he goes ahead of Tebow.

1) Sam Bradford, Oklahoma (6’5”, 236 lbs): Smart, with a high football IQ, Bradford wowed on-lookers at his pro day and has a very good chance at being drafted #1 overall by the St. Louis Rams. His shoulder appears to be completely healed up as he demonstrated an arm that was stronger than many expected. Works hard and does a good job reading defenses. Not fast or mobile, but has enough presence to avoid sacks in the pocket and knows when to throw the ball away. Is extremely accurate with his throws and while there are concerns about his durability and how he’ll do lining up under center in a traditional pro-style offense, Bradford is considered the best QB in this draft class.

2) Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame (6’2”, 220 lbs): Doesn’t have elite arm strength but has enough to make every throw necessary. Is very accurate on short to intermediate passes but long passes have a tendency to float. Reads defenses very well. Has good pocket presence and while not much of a running threat, has the ability to elude rushers and avoid sacks. He comes from a pro-style offense which gives him an advantage over many other QB’s in this draft class. Is considered a fiery type of leader but rumors have been that he sometimes rubs teammates the wrong way. Probably will be drafted in the top 10 and possibly top 5 in the 2010 NFL Draft.

3) Colt McCoy, Texas (6’1”, 216 lbs): A starter for 4 years McCoy has won more games than any QB in NCAA history. Not as tall or strong as preferred by NFL teams, his leadership and high football IQ cannot be denied. Good at reading defenses and is one of the more mobile top QB prospects this year. Didn’t throw at the combine because of a shoulder injury suffered in the BCS Championship game, but will throw at his pro day. Needs to demonstrate that his arm is strong enough to make all the throws or his draft stock could slip. Excellent accuracy on his short passes, but lacks top notch arm strength and his intermediate to long passes tend to drift. Played mostly in a spread offense and needs to improve his footwork to get used to lining up under center. Doubtful to go in round 1, but should be selected in round 2 or 3 unless he has an awful pro day.

4) Tony Pike, Cincinnati (6’6”, 223 lbs): Good arm strength but not great. While plenty tall enough to see the field, he has a thin frame and is trying to add weight and girth as he weighed 212 lbs at the Senior Bowl. While not fast, has elusiveness to avoid sacks and occasionally make plays with his feet. Has good zip on his passes and throws well on the run. Durability is a question mark as he has broken his arm twice in the last 2 years. Needs to spend more time in the weight room and continue to pack on some pounds so he can withstand the hits he’ll take in the NFL.

5) Tim Tebow, Florida (6’3”, 236 lbs): No player has generated more talk in the 2010 NFL Draft than Tebow. He has outstanding athleticism and is able to make plays with either his arm or his legs. After a poor showing at the Senior Bowl there was a lot of talk of trying to make him switch positions, but it appears teams will draft him as a QB and try to work on his sloppy mechanics. Tebow has a naturally strong arm, but the recent work on his mechanics led to talk of his arm being unimpressive at his pro day workout. Tebow is considered a strong leader and a high character guy who could take a couple of years to develop into more of the mold of what NFL teams want from their QB’s. After being considered only as a 3rd round prospect at best as little as two months ago, his draft stock is on the rise because of his intangibles and athleticism. While not a lock to go in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, there is a lot of speculation of it and Tebow could be the 3rd QB off the board despite the fact he is a work in progress.

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6) Jonathan Crompton, Tennessee (6’3”, 222 lbs): Is considered a boom or bust type of QB at the NFL level. Made major strides as a senior in his accuracy and decision making after being very inconsistent in both areas prior to 2009. Has a strong arm and can make every throw with relative ease. Needs to get better at reading defenses and looking off his primary WR. Not an elite athlete but has enough athleticism to make plays with his legs when necessary. A mid-round selection with a lot of upside, Crompton could be a fantasy football sleeper to keep your eyes on in the future.

7) Jevan Snead, Mississippi (6’3”, 219 lbs): Has a big time arm and quick release. Is a good athlete and can throw well on the run. Accuracy is suspect though and he struggles to read defenses. Suspect pocket presence and gets rattled too easily. Has the physical tools to make it in the NFL but needs coaching. One of those players who performs a lot better in shorts than he did in games.

8) Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan (6’3”, 230 lbs): A four year starter, it’s been speculated that LeFevour’s success at the college level was due to an offense predicated on short passes and a spread offense. Has good speed and rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2007. Has good accuracy on short passes but suspect arm strength and his passes flutter when throwing deep. Is smart, but sometimes that doesn’t translate into the best decisions with the ball. Got mixed reviews at his pro day workout which likely keeps him as a mid-late round draft pick.

Others to keep an eye on:

Levi Brown, Troy (6’3”, 229 lbs): Has good size and decent arm strength. Was very good against the Sun Belt Conference but struggled a lot when facing tougher opponents.

Jarrett Brown, West Virginia (6’3”, 224 lbs): Strong armed QB with great speed for the position, but only started one year in a spread offense and accuracy is inconsistent.

Armanti Edwards, Appalachian State (5’11”, 187 lbs): 4.43 speed has him being considered as either a wildcat type of QB or moving altogether to WR. Has playmaking ability but not likely to ever become a starting NFL QB.

Daryll Clark, Penn State (6’2”, 235 lbs): Physically strong, strong arm, good speed, accurate passer but streaky and needs to get better reading defenses.

John Skelton, Fordham (6’5”, 243 lbs): Small school product has the toughness, size, and arm strength that draw comparisons to Joe Flacco, but needs to get better reading defenses and become more of a vocal leader. Will get a lot of talk after the better known name QB’s are off the board.

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