2010 Fantasy Football Drafts

by: FFS.com CEO Jeff Coruccini

There is no better time of year than right after the NFL College Draft as that is when fans start to pay attention to OTA's (aka organized team activites), get perspective on how newly signed NFL free agents & the recently draft picks can start to shape teams from a fantasy perspective. Us NFL Fantasy Football Draft fanatics begin shaping our football IQ for the upcoming season that needs to be in full force by the first weekend in September.

Guys like our NFL fantasy analyst Russ Bliss start to write articles that can get you thinking about 2010 fantasy football draft thoughts by looking at how teams look early from a fantasy value (both player and team) perspective.

That said, it's my turn to crank out some early 2010 fantasy football draft predictions based on what I know so far. Let me start off by saying that our fantasy football draft software is spot on with running back and super star quarterback value, so early in the season. I really think you will see some different trends thats why tier rankings can help when trying to determine "slot value" for players.

My First tip: Do not undervalue picking solid quarterbacks in the first round of your NFL Fantasy Drafts. Its a trend that is here to stay in a pass happy league. Experts like our very own Russ Bliss is famous for providing solid tips and to further value my view of QBs this year you can see from his tips on how to win right here.

My Second tip: Go after: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Miles Austin, Andre Johnson and Chris Beane Wells early and often. I see these guys really having good value at the right spots in any style fantasy draft. Its all in how it falls to you. But if they are on the board, its a can't miss situation this year for these guys.

My Third tip: Its not to early (4th round) to consider drafting: Vernon Davis, Greg Olson, Dallas Clark or Antonio Gates at the TE spot this season. Their production will be at full peak this coming year and they have solid rapports with their QB's.

My Fourth tip: Every aspect of the New York Jets will be over rated this season so stay away from them. Their Defense, Sanchez, Holmes, Edwards, Greene, LT all of them are in for a big upset. Well, maybe not Greene. Never under value what Faneca did for that OL last year.

My Fifth tip: If you want more value after the 2010 fantasy football drafts be sure to use our trade analyzer, its the best in the industry. Not only is it really accurate but it will analyze all trades and provide impacts to your overall roster and starting lineup value. No other product does this in the world!

Last but not least...some fantasy football draft situations, I think I think:

The Steeler backfield and Ben Roethlisberger will have decent fantasy seasons, but stay away from any of those picks until beyond the 5th round. Big Ben missing the first 6 games will hurt.

Don't under estimate Alex Smith and the 9ers. Ok, so anyone that knows me will be throwing up right now because I am a niner fan. That said, I have also been the first person to say stay away from these guys the past 5 years, but this year will be different and it all starts with Gore. Just you watch.

If the top three-five RB's are off the board your better off going QB, than top five WR theory. I just think its no longer worth it. Plus, Warner is gone, Moss and TO are getting older, more WR value later in the rounds. Yes, I said get Brady at QB-thats cause he spreads the ball around.

Sometimes you can have too many good players, thats why you should always try to have great players and work the waiver wire and free agent pick-ups for low end good players.

Denver is another team that will struggle at the core fantasy positions, grab San Diegos Ryan Mathews at RB he should be fun to watch, stay away from Washington WR's - they are not good, Kolb will struggle early, but not a bad pick in most drafts, Stafford will improve and could be a sleeper at QB, Bradford will struggle and do not draft S. Jackson unless you want a repeat of last year...

That's it for now and sure hope you visit our fantasy football forums and register today to become a member.