2010 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

Staff Writer: JC

Fantasy Football Starters.com is looking forward to some great 2010 fantasy football mock draft simulations as we already have dozens of members to our forums who want to participate this upcoming season. As the 09 NFL fantasy season comes to an end we can start to call out the true surprises (Chris Johnson to #1 fantasy Pick), (Greg Jennings #1 WR Bust), see our comeback players (Peyton and Warner) and those that are MVP’s Drew Brees you are all over that. The best part about the end of the season is we get to start thinking about next year.

Anyone who’s a member to our site knows that Russ Bliss is our NFL Fantasy Football Guru and the good news is he will be participating in some 2010 fantasy football mock drafts along with some of our most popular members.

Guys like Michael, Travis, Cody, Lucas, Dana, Rick Doug and many more will be great resources and you can plan to see some of the 2010 fantasy football mock draft results posted on our websites home page front and center. Since our Mock Draft Software is free we want everyone to take advantage of it especially, so they can check out our automated mock draft experts.

Heck the guys over at NFL Fantsy for ESPN, AOL, Yahoo CBSSportsline have been known to jump on our mock draft software and have at it from time to time that’s why we want everyone to know that the off season can be fun using our 2010 fantasy football mock draft software. To get things started we are going to kick off a tentative schedule.

Our first 2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft will be conducted on January 4th, 2010 sometime after 7pm MST. An invite has already been sent out to some of our members with the hope of them joining by the end of this month. You can check out the date and times here!

The second one will take place at the beginning of NFL Free Agency (March 2010) as that will get the juices flowing with our members starting to take into effect the impact any free agency movement could have one ones favorite team. With 2010 NFL Mock Drafts starting to really pick up around them will sure drive interest from an NFL Fantasy football perspective. Russ Bliss will start to pick up the pace on his fantasy football blog as by then he will be so bored to be with out his NFL Fantasy fix.

April will bring one of the best 2010 fantasy football mock drafts once the NFL College draft is completed. Granted no one would have thought Michael Crabtree would be a decent late season fantasy football Wide Receiver after missing the entire preseason and now we will get to see the next NFL Rookie to get a shot at having a 2010 NFL fantasy impact.

Then we plan to pick up the pace on the remaining 2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft schedule for our members and start to see more activity using our software as we begin to prepare our Draft Analyzer for the start of the fantasy football season. Looking ahead in fantasy football is a blast and for some early 2010 fantasy football rankings/projections we have already started.

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