2010 Fantasy Football Rankings

& Projections.. Always fun to look ahead.
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What I like about prediciting early 2010 Fantasy Football Rankings when its still only the 5th week of the 2009 fantasy football season is if I am even close to being accurate (see last years 2009 fantasy football rankings - way early) then heck its worth bragging about. I can tell you one thing is for sure its going to be even more difficult to identify next years early 2010 top fantasy football draft pick than this season. So much RBBC, WR's jumping and falling out of rankings. Then there's the solid work that the three best players currently in the game are accomplishing, making it a tough choice.

The rest is open for anything and as we all know some players jump up the rankings/projections and some fall. Most of the drop comes from aget at the RB postion for example. Its sad to see LT loose a step and we all know that early indications are that LJ and Clinton Portis are not to far behind in falling off the top fantasy football rankings (top 25) list. My good friend and NFL Fantasy Football expert Russ Bliss is always one step ahead and before I get too far you must check out this excellent blog topic Russ recently did around fantasy football advice in how you view points. A must read and great tip. That said, even Russ, with some of the best NFL fantasy smarts is wishing he could change some of this years top projections (i.e. see Steven Jackson).

Every year injuries hit the first few weeks of most fantasy football rankings top 10 lists and this year is no different. Starting with Frank Gore and Donavan McNabb. Good news is no major injuries to start the season for any team. Some coaches are starting to get nervous about their starts: Eric Mangini and one of the best guys in the business Jeff Fisher.

Now for this years "who's off to a good start" through week five (5) this year and players that will stand out on most leagues for 2010 fantasy football rankings & projections. My early top ten (10) players to watch the remainder of the year heading into the 2010 season then most fantasy football drafts:

1. Peyton Manning, QB Colts. Through the first five weeks he is in a zone and his fellow stud Reggie Wayne is there as well. They are a great team and will roll through to next years top lists.

2. Adrian Peterson, RB Vikings. Guys a beast and with Brett Favre at the helm, soon teams will not be focusing as much on him and he will keep rolling 100 yeards plus a game. 2010 fantasy football projection- top 3 pick.

3. Drew Brees: No one other than Manning has a better chance of becoming a super star in fantasy football and our hope is you get yourself a ring this year. Great story in New Orleans and we are all rooting for you.

4. Ronnie Brown, RB, Miami: Give us credit we hit on him last year as good guy to follow and his early success this year makes him fun to watch and possibly atop most fantasy football drafts next year.

5. Michael Turner, RB Atlanta: We had him in our top ten last year and he's only going to get better. Go easy on my 3-1 Niners next week and continue to be a Stud. Next year should be solid and a top 6 NFL running back.

6. Brett Favre, QB Vikings: Unless he, AP and Jared Allan get a ring this year (nice butt kicking of your old team) this guy could be back at 41. Now we are not saying he's a top 10 fantasy football QB next season, but heck pick him up just to follow and root for!

7. Andre Johnson, WR RB Houston Texans: We know you are the next top 3 fantasy football Wide Receiver, however, you and your boy Schaub need to get off to faster starts, but we are still making you the #1 WR. Pick.

8. Chris Johnson, RB Titans: if your team was not 0-4 we would make you the most dangerous pick for next year. Collins is still far away from making any 2010 fantasy football rankings, so be patient until Young gets his act together. Maybe one more chance for him.

9. Percy Harvin, WR, Vikings: You are going to be a top 10 fantasy football pick especially for leagues that reward punt returns/individual player scoring. Nice rookie year and because of all your attention you got my boy Crabtree to sign in week 5 this season. He's truly jealous of all the attention you are getting.

10. Tom Brady, QB Patriots. You are just getting started and withe the weapons you have its fun to watch you return from a major injury. Moss & Welker make you look even better. Watch out though because Brees and Manning are closing the gap.

Now, where are you Steve Slaton, Brandon Marshall (ok you just knocked off the cowboys and have made up with your new coach) and DeShawn Jackson from last year? I think there is still time to make up some ground!

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