So the 2010 NFL Seaon week 7 brought tons of surprises and none better than some of this predictions: Lets start with Brett Favre while he did not beat the Patriots we predicited a 212 yard passing and 1 TD performance and he came in with a 217 yard passing 1 TD passing. Steven Jackson we predicted a 109 rushes/no TD's he came in at 110 rushing yards and no TD (yes almost a bullseye". Mike Wallace Steelers WR we predicted 60 receiving yards and one TD he finished the day 53 yards receiving and one TD.

We did have our misses and those do happen. We always promise not to hide behind the fact that we are going to "miss from time to time as well" Week 8 of the 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Season was no different. Carson Palmer Bengals QB, we predicted 260 yards passing and 1 TD, he ended the day with 412 passing yards and 3 TDS!. Ray Rice Ravens Running Back...we thought would have a good day 123 rushing yards and 1 TD, but he fell short with only 72 yards rushing and no td's, oh well. M. Colston the New Orleans WR who I personally have been waiting for ended the day with 112 yards and 1 TD vs. his 64 yards and no TD's which has been his average the past 6 weeks!