2010 Week 8 NFL Fantasy Football Predictions

We had a good week Predicting Texans Quarterback Matt Schaub as we had him going for 220 passing yards and a TD, when in fact he came in at 201 passing yards and 1 TD. We actually did better predicting Vikings running back Adrian Peterson would rush for 95 rushing yards and a TD, when in fact he rushed for 92 yards and a TD (just three yards from a bullseye)! There was also Devone Bess Wide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins who we predicted 51 rushing yards and no TD's, he actually went for 53 yards with no TD. Oh, so close again.

Thats said - we did have some misses too! There was Raiders Quarterback Jason Campbell who we predicted would pass for 205 and 1 TD, when in fact he threw for 310 and had 2 TD passes. Gotta watch this guy!. How about Patriots BGE we predicted 40 rushing yards and 1 TD, he ended up running for 2TD's and 112 yards! Another guy getting more carries. Fellow Patriots Wide Receiver Brandon Tate broke out- we predicted 23 yards no TD's and he had 101 yards and 1 TD.

Great look back, but we are more focsed on looking ahead to week #10. Register now its absolutely free!