by FFS Fantasy Football Analyst and HUGE Cardinals fan, Dana Valentine

Arizona Cardinals Draft

The term ‘holes to fill' is a recurring theme and with the Cardinals returning to a single digit draft slot where typically you are assured a chance at a top prospects if not ‘the one' that becomes an instant impact is something to look forward too. Though I have to question why after all those years of top five draft picks the team never seemed to get any better?  

Quarterback has been drawing the most attention as a position of need, but personally I think the bigger concern is that of the offensive-line not getting it done in the trenches and running backs that won't hold onto the football which plays into a talented core of defensive players spending too much time on the field. I believe this perceived "need" for a QB is propagated by a ‘the sky is falling' sentiment brought on by the retirement of Kurt Warner now two years ago. Guy's it was all mental. While the team did not address the offensive line in the draft they still placed an emphasis on pass protection and run blocking with two solid backfield talents.

5th pick; Patrick Peterson CB. With the league trending towards a pass oriented attack a counter measure was taken. Arguably the best player in draft, Peterson is expected to make the field the smaller for an opposing offense by taking away any pass catchers in his vicinity and should aide the offense by providing a shorter field with his return skills.

38th pick; Ryan Williams RB. This did come as a surprise. A nice running back prospect that was obviously and unknowingly high on the Cardinals draft board, as evidenced by his post draft news conference when he stated the Cards staff told him at one time if he was there at 38 he would be a Cardinal. This selection signaled a lack of confidence in the underachieving Chris "Beanie" Wells and an over-achieving Tim Hightower, both of whom have issues holding onto the football.

69th pick; Rob Housler TE. Now this was a head scratcher this early. Ranked as a #5 TE projecting out to fourth round, he does possess the speed and size that can present match up problems for safeties and linebackers. With wide receiver skills, he's known more for his route running and pass catching abilities then his run blocking skills, where he has shown a lack of aggression to play through to the whistle.

103rd pick; Sam Acho LB. I think this pick will turn out well. A ‘Football Player' and a solid character, Acho  possesses academic accolades as well football smarts. A tough player that doesn't miss games with a high revving motor and relentless aggression, he does play through to the whistle, always staying active in the play. His pursuit and tackling abilities should make for another nice addition to this defense.

136th pick Anthony Sherman FB. Is there really such a thing as a full-back in league anymore? This selection could indicate a shift in the offensive philosophy: taking the old school approach of pounding the rock. This selection raised my eye-brow. A pass protecting, run blocking, hole opening fullback with mean streak and a threat out of the back field can't be all that bad. My curiosity is piqued.

171st pick Quan Sturdivant LB. This could be the steal of the draft. Another ‘Football Player' projected as a late third early or fourth round selection falling to the sixth for no apparent reason other than a deep talent pool. This Cardinals defense looks to be shaping up nicely.

184th pick David Carter DL. With a need for depth along the D-line he may make the team as insurance.

249th pick Demarco Sampson WR  (compensatory). With questionable speed and un-refined route running skills he may find it tough to gain separation from corners at the next level. Has the height and aggressiveness to go up and after the football. I don't foresee him being the next Stephen Williams training camp sensation.