by FFS President and CEO (and huge 49ers fan) Jeff Coruccini

San Francisco 49er's Draft:

The best part about the Niners 2011 draft is they "stayed the course", with a little, I mean very little excitement. Overall, they hit on need: Pass Rusher, Quarterback, Utility Linemen, Secondary and took best available where they could: Running Back and Wide Receiver. If there is one theme to his draft for the 49ers its guys with high upside, football players first and speed. Here's my take on each pick:

7th overall: Aldon Smith, OLB. Guy reminds me of a young Julian Peterson, who ended up becoming a pro bowler the early part of his career. The Niners value pass rusher over coverage in this draft and that's why they went with a young guy with solid upside. Organization did a great job not letting anyone know they wanted this kid and best of all passed on reaching for a Quarterback. What really stood out to the staff on this guy was that he played through pain last season breaking his leg and coming back only 4 weeks later.

36th overall: Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback. I really like this pick and the mix of strong arm and being an incredibly gifted athlete who will get tutored by a former QB, makes me a very happy Niner fan. Now, they need Alex Smith to come back or a "veteran to bridge" this kid for the future. He needs to be integrated into the offense similar to that of Joe Montana in the early 80's. People forget that the Niners had Steve Deberg and Walsh would start him, then in goal line situations put in Montana for two reasons: 1) he could scramble and give the defenses a different look and 2) build Montana's confidence by allowing him to score. Will be fun to watch the development of this kid.

80th overall: Chris Culliver, CB/S: Gifted athlete who played both Safety and Corner in a very tough division. He's a baller, however, the Niners are taking some flak for not picking up a pure cover corner in this draft.

115th overall: Kendall Hunter, RB. Very exciting pick and could be the "bolt of lightening in a bottle" the Niners have not had in years. They have not drafted someone this small since Dexter Carter in 1990. Total opposite of Frank Gore, who is a grinder and North/South Runner, this kid has speed and moves that will make him tough to catch. Could be the steal pick of the draft.

163rd overall: Daniel Kilgore, OG. Somewhat surprised, but yet not really in the fact that the Niners covet linemen that can play multiple positions on the line and this kid can do that.

182nd overall: Ronald Johnson, WR: This kid has played in a pro style offense and was coached by Johnny Morton. Harbaugh and his staff played against him and know what they are getting. I am not a big Josh Morgan fan, so I like this pick to supplant him.

190th overall: Colin Jones, Safety: His speed and instincts will help this kid make the team. When Harbaugh was at Andy Daltons pro day workout, he caught the new coach's eye.

211th overall: Bruce Miller, FB: This kid is a football player first and that could not be more obvious in the fact that he was an all American on defense and the Niners want to convert him to a fullback, which he endorsed before being picked. A project for sure.

239th overall: Michael Person, OG: Big kid, tough and might have a tough time making the team let alone practice squad. Wait and see.

250th overall: Curtis Holcomb, CB: Another speedy guy who will have to work had to make the team, however, this guy will have to work on his ball skills.