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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings & Projections

Staff Writer: Coruccini

For the third year in a row I am coming out with my early Projections on what a top ten (10) 2011 fantasy football rankings or as they are called cheat sheets might look like now based on week six (6) in the 2010 National Football League. My goal is to give you some view as to the player I think are worth watching through the end of this season and into next year, as they could be top ten players.

Thats right as of today, October 18th, 2010 if I was preparing for an early 2011 NFL Fantasy draft, twelve team league, standard scoring system- take a peek at players I see now who could get a solid top 5 fantasy football players ranking at their respective position. My previous rankings have been a fun follow over the course of three years (2009 fantasy football rankings and 2010 Projections) and have had thousands of looks throughout the past 2010 season.

Heck, half the fun with fantasy football is making tons of player predictions, analysis and cast your vote for why your strategy is the best. Bragging rights with a professional sports team is one thing, but winning your fantasy football leauge drafted and managed by you takes it to another level. Thats also why I love being in the NFL fantasy football business and doing something with passion like an early jump on 2011 fantasy football projections. Before you get started, if your not a member be sure to register today its free:
1) Peyton Manning: So glad to have drafted you in three of my five fantasy football leagues, your still the man. However, it was interesting to hear ESPN's Ron Jaworski providing commentary around you getting a little "long in the tooth" and having a hard time making those deep outs. Garbage I say!.

2) Adrian Peterson: Right now you got Arian Foster and A. Bradshaw ahead of you in the ground game, but your still plowing through. Need to get Moss and Favre out of their and in 2011 you will be leading the league.

3) Arian Foster: Could you and the Texans be real? I am having a hard time but man you have been a big surprise. So much for Steve Slaton (had him ranking 6th, in 2009 for a 2010 projection), but gotta give credit to your boy Schaub making you and AJ look so good. Schaub was under serious consideration for this 2011 fantasy football rankings projection list, just want to see him be more consistent.

4) Reggie Wayne: How were you left of my 2009/2010 Rankings? Thats my bad as you continue to get better and better. Solid routes and great chemistry with your boy Manning.

5) Andre Johnson: You are a beast and as mentioned two years ago, you are a top 10 pick in everyones league.

6) Antonio Gates: I know you were injured in yesterdays loss to the lambs (thats right San Diego sucks right now), but man you have made a great come back this year. Must have to do with no other weapons.

7) Roddy White: Mr. Consistent not only on the offensive side of the ball (ranked 3rd over 500 yards and 43 receptions to date), but you saved a victory and stuck it to my Niners two weeks ago. However, your boy Turner is off my 2011 NFL fantasy projections list, because he's not the guy he use to be.

8) Chris Johnson: Don't worry you still in the top 10, however, in order for you to surpass and be a leader projected in a top 2011 fantasy football rankings, list you better pick it up. McFadden, A. Bradshaw and Mendenhall are a head of you now.

9) Rashard Mendenhall: You are on the list and well deserved. 495 yards, 116 touches/attempts third to AP and AFoster this year, way to go. Stay healthy and if Big Ben stays out of trouble, you will have a great year.

10) Drew Brees: Having an off year and still second in the NFL in touchdowns 12/6 ints. Ok, so your team is struggling but man you spread the ball around well. Was a great story last year and I still make you a top 10 fantasy football pick.

Gone from my list of players the past two years include: Slaton- bust, Ronnie Brown- good player just splitting too many carries, Brett Favre- retire and take all the good/bad/ugly you bring to the game to another venue. Brady, I am going to keep watching you as in my eyes the Randy Moss trade of two weeks ago, is going to make you better if you ask me.

Guys I wanted to put on my list but have to give more consideration/watch to between now and the end of the year include: Aaron Rogers, think the kid is awesome and the same goes for Dallas Clark, Frank Gore (bad team/my favorite team), TO man your back baby - keep it going.

Early 2011 fantasy football sleepers that should be worth watching include: Danny Amendola, WR STL, James Starks, RB Packers (he's the reason they did not go after Lynch), Tony Moeaki, TE Browns and another WR for the Rams: Danario Alexander.

Thanks for checking out these early predictions and remember we offer free Mock Draft Software the entire off season along with access to our forums, Videos and article sections!

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