Fantasy Football Starters Fantasy Quiz 2012 Answer Key.

Correct answers are in bold.

1. This quarterback totaled 35 TDs last season (passing and running) placing him 4th among all QBs in total scores. Who was he?

     a.    Tony Romo/DAL
     b.    Cam Newton/CAR
     c.    Tim Tebow/DEN
     d.    Aaron Rodgers/GB
     e.    Philip Rivers/SD

2. This QB led the league with 18 pass completions of 40 yards or more last year. Who was it?

     a.    Matt Ryan/ATL
     b.    Aaron Rodgers/GB
     c.    Drew Brees/NO
     d.    Ben Roethlisberger/PI
     e.    Eli Manning/NYG

3. This WR was one of the hottest receivers down the stretch last year catching 6 of his 8 TD passes in the final 4 weeks. Who was he?

     a.    Julio Jones/ATL
     b.    Andre Johnson/HOU
     c.    Reggie Wayne/IND
     d.    Larry Fitzgerald/ARZ
     e.    Santonio Holmes/NYJ

4. This WR caught all six of his TD receptions in the final 7 games of the 2011 season. Who was he?

     a.    Percy Harvin/MIN
     b.    Antonio Brown/PIT
     c.    Darrius Heyward-Bey/OAK
     d.    Victor Cruz/NYG
     e.    James Jones/GB

5. How many receivers (including TE's) caught at least 10 TD passes last year?

     a.    3
     b.    4
     c.    5
     d.    6
     e.    7

6. Detroit’s Calvin Johnson was the only WR to average over 100 receiving yards per game in 2011. Which one of the following WRs failed to average at least 85 yards per game?

     a.    Larry Fitzgerald/ARZ (88.2)
     b.    Steve Smith/CAR (87.1)
     c.    Wes Welker/NE (98.1)
     d.    Greg Jennings/GB (73.0)
     e.    Victor Cruz/NYG (96.0)

7. Of the following notable WRs, which one scored just 3 times in 2011?

     a.    Dwayne Bowe/KC
     b.    Brandon Marshall/MIA
     c.    Reggie Wayne/IND
     d.    DeSean Jackson/PHL
     e.    Anquan Boldin/BAL

8. Despite making 39 catches last season, this tight end failed to score even one TD. Who was it?

     a.    Todd Heap/ARZ
     b.    Marcedes Lewis/JAX
     c.    Anthony Fasano/MIA
     d.    Visanthe Shiancoe/MIN
     e.    Tony Scheffler/DET

9. Which one of the following RBs did not have at least 1,000 combined yards rushing and receiving in 2011?

     a.    Darren Sproles/NO (1313)
     b.    Matt Forte/CHI (1487)
     c.    Roy Helu/WSH (1019)
     d.    Pierre Thomas/NO (987)
     e.    Michael Bush/OAK (1395)

10. Cam Newton led all QBs last season with 14 rushing TDs. Who tied Tim Tebow for second place with six?

     a.    Mark Sanchez/NYJ
     b.    Aaron Rodgers/GB
     c.    Joe Webb/MIN
     d.    Michael Vick/PHL
     e.    Tony Romo/DAL

11. Who tied Arian Foster for the league-lead with seven rushing performances last season of at least 100 yards?

     a.    Steven Jackson/STL
     b.    Frank Gore/SF
     c.    Chris Johnson/TEN
     d.    Willis McGahee/DEN
     e.    Beanie Wells/ARZ

12. Despite an injury-shortened 2011 season, this RB topped the 100-yard mark in rushing in 6 of his 9 complete games. Who was it?

     a.    Darren McFadden/OAK
     b.    Adrian Peterson/MIN
     c.    Fred Jackson/BUF
     d.    Matt Forte/CHI

13. A 300+-yard passing game is a big deal in fantasy, but which one of the following QBs turned in three 400+ yard performances?

     a.    Eli Manning/NYG
     b.    Cam Newton/CAR
     c.    Mathew Stafford/DET
     d.    Philip Rivers/SD

14. All but one of the following players is on a new team for the 2012 season. Which one is staying put with his old club?

     a.    Lee Evans
     b.    Mike Tolbert
     c.    Brandon Lloyd
     d.    Steve Breaston
     e.    Mario Manningham

15. Rookie RB Doug Martin poses a legitimate chance to start this season. What team drafted him?

     a.    Carolina Panthers
     b.    San Diego Chargers
     c.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
     d.    New York Jets
     e.    Denver Broncos

16. A “workhorse” back in fantasy is loosely defined as a RB that averages over 20 carries per game. How many workhorse backs were there last season?

     a.    2 (Maurice Jones-Drew + Michael Turner)
     b.    4
     c.    6
     d.    8
     e.    10

17. Which one of the following WRs averaged fewer than 50 yards per game last year?

     a.    Jeremy Maclin/PHL
     b.    Marques Colston/NO
     c.    Dwayne Bowe/KC
     d.    Santana Moss/WSH
     e.    Brandon Marshall/MIA

18. This QB began the 2011 season by tossing 9 TD passes in his first three games. However, it took him the next 8 games to surpass that total. Who was it?

     a.    Alex Smith/SF
     b.    Sam Bradford/STL
     c.    Chad Henne/MIA
     d.    Colt McCoy/CLV
     e.    Ryan Fitzpatrick/BUF

19. Four of the five following teams have a new head coach for the 2012 season. Which one does NOT?

     a.    Miami Dolphins
     b.    Arizona Cardinals
     c.    St. Louis Rams
     d.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
     e.    Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Despite having over 160 carries last year, this RB managed just two runs of 20 or more yards. Who was it?

     a.    Ahmad Bradshaw/NYG
     b.    Maurice Jones-Drew/JAX
     c.    LeSean McCoy/PHL
     d.    Daniel Thomas/MIA
     e.    DeMarco Murray/DAL

21. Who was the most targeted (181) WR in the NFL last year?

     a.    Calvin Johnson/DET 158
     b.    Steve Johnson/BUF 135
     c.    Pierre Garcon/IND 134
     d.    Roddy White/ATL
     e.    Wes Welker/NE 173

22. Jets’ WR Santonio Holmes has been a high profiled fantasy player the last few seasons. How many times did he catch 5 or more passes in a game last year?

     a.    0
     b.    2
     c.    4
     d.    6
     e.    8

23. All but one of the following quarterbacks had a completion percentage of under 60% last season. Who was it?

     a.    Tim Tebow/DEN 46.5
     b.    Joe Flacco/BAL 57.6
     c.    Christian Ponder/MIN 54.3
     d.    Josh Freeman/TB 62.8
     e.    Jay Cutler/CHI 58.0

24. Which one of the following running backs did not finish the 2011 season on Injured Reserve?

     a.    Ryan Grant/GB
     b.    Adrian Peterson/MIN
     c.    DeMarco Murray/DAL
     d.    Jamaal Charles/KC
     e.    Jahvid Best/DET

25. For what team will former New England RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis play for in 2012?

     a.    Cincinnati Bengals
     b.    Chicago Bears
     c.    Green Bay Packers
     d.    Pittsburgh Steelers
     e.    Washington Redskins