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2012 Fantasy Football Projections and Rankings

Staff Writer: J. Coruccini

Going on my fourth year of releasing my very early observations on players early season success and how it could impact fantasy Rankings for early predictions on 2012 Fantasy Football Projections, or as they are referred to so many times as cheat sheets. Fun to see after just only six weeks into the season fully knowing that things are going to change a million times between now and the end of the year. I also get lots of off season feedback on how accurate or way off my list tends to be this early. Thats the beauty of fantasy football- its all about predicting or being a "Monday Morning Quarterback" based on an opinion with some form of observation behind it. Now, I am not going to go "chest bumping" or "swift pat on the back" like Harbaugh did when shaking Jim Schwartz's hand (way over blown by the way) at the end of the Lions 49ers game, but there is some confidence coming from my choices.

So effective today Monday October 17th, 2011 if I was preparing for an early 2012 fantasy football draft, in say a standard 12 team league, with a basic scoring (i.e. 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, K, Def, TE, ST) there would be no doubt in my mind that during the early rounds 1 through 5, you will see these picks come off the board early and often. For those of you who have not seen my early predictions over the years check out my 2011 early fantasy football rankings, along with 2010's projections.

One of the few benefits for me (good or bad) is that since I am a partner in, it gives me a place to circluate these so in the event they do become relevant - at least I can say "told you so". Plus, for taking the time to read this article, if you register before July 1st 2012 you do qualify for over a 20% discount on a Championship Plan membership risk free! Thats right, register and if you decide to join next year you automatically qualify- risk free!

As you can see based on last years early fantasy football projections that were completed in October, Aaron Rogers was not in the top 10, however, he did get a "shout out", thus, making the list. That said, we are starting with him this year:

1) Aaron Rogers: What you are doing with all those weapons in Green Bay, you would so have to be considered for a top 3 selection. Your SB win, coupled with going 6-0 right from the start of this season then throw in 17 TD's and only 3 INT's for 2,000 yards man you and Brady are on fire. Last year you were part of my honorable mention and now you have all the honor!

2) Darren McFadden: Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice- shame on me again! I did not trust you in my 2011 early rankings and that made me look stupid. Good thing is I drafted you in two of my leagues this year- so thank you for that. 610 yards this early, you are the man!

3) Fred Jackson: Stupid me traded this guy three weeks ago, so I could improve my RB strength with A. Foster. Gotta respect your 601 rushing yards, 6 TD's and the noise Buffalo is making this early in the season, part of that due to my man S. Johnson at WR, really like that kid too.

4) LeSean McCoy: Forget the trouble your "dream team" is having you are off to a solid start with 569 Rushing Yards and 8 TD's has me wishing I drafted you this year. Now you are a part of my dream team.

5) Wes Welker: As long as that guy Brady's throwing to him, he's officially on my top 10 list (more about Brady later). Six (6) TD's 51 catches and 785 yards makes me think of "Randy who". Stay healthy and see you as my second round pick next year.

6) Tom Brady: Understand that the only reason that he's #6 on my list and not #1 is next year father time and his supporting cast start to age faster then the guys in "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". We are already seeing some surprise injuries (are you coming back Peyton Manning or is father time chasing you too). Sixteen (16) TD's and 8 int's is not to shabby.

7) Jimmy Graham: My first TE and lets just call him Red Zone Jimmy Graham. That's what makes this 39 receptions, 620 yards and 3 TD's through the first part of the season amazing. Only going to get better with time. Where does Payton find these guys.

8) Calvin Johnson: Beast with 564 receiving years but its those gaudy 9 TD's (but none vs. my Niners this past weekend), that has me impressed. There is no way you don't get 1200 yards and 18 TD's this season.

9) Matt Forte: 381 receiving yards, 527 rushing yards! only problem is your not scoring TD's and its killing me in my NPC League! You are on this list because the past three years, you have been the work horse in Chicago. Contract year for you, so this could change a bit, if you do sign a big deal and get lazy. Not going to happen!

10) Adrian Peterson: So you are on the list but 537 total yards and 7 TD's is good, just not as good when your supporting cast is average at best. After the Bears game this weekend it looks like C. Ponder could be the future QB getting snaps which could put the Vikings into a "plan for the future" which will limit your success. Still the man, just might have to worry about rebuilding.

Gone from last years list: Arian Foster that injury plus my man AJ going down is not helping. Couple that with your new supporting cast in B. Tate and your off the list! Roddy White- slow start you will bounce back, Drew Brees its that 13/8 TD/Int ration that kept you off this list, as for CJ- contract year has really impacted you and scares me about Forte in the future. My boy F. Gore is holding up his end of a renegotiated bargin and Reggie Wayne- well "Peytons Place" was hit hard and its impacting you too. AJ - not so sure Schaub is the guy anymore and while you were off to a slow start, that injury did not help my confidence for next year.

I really enjoy doing this piece and if you get a laugh or two thats even better. Remember, fantasy football is all about the journey of the NFL and thanks for taking the time to read my piece.

As for the best source of fantasy football tips and advice all season long, be sure to stay in the know through my good friend and business partner Russ Bliss. He's got the scoop year round!

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