2013 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks

All of the Quarterbacks listed here are Unrestricted Free Agents except for Brian Hoyer, who is a restricted free agent).

In parenthesis is the team the player finished the 2012 season as a member of. If FA is listed, it means that player was not on an NFL roster at the end of the regular season.

1) Joe Flacco, (Baltimore; UPDATE 3-1-13: Baltimore has signed Flacco to a reported 6 year $120 milion deal. He is off the free agent market)

2) Matt Moore, (Miami; UPDATE 3-8-13: Moore has re-signed with Miami, gets 2 year $8 million deal to remain as backup to Ryan Tannheill instead of looking for a starting job elsewhere)

3) David Garrard, (FA; UPDATE 3-11-13: Garrard has been signed by the NY Jets and will compete with mark Sanchez to their starting QB in 2013)

4) Kevin Kolb (Arizona; UPDATE 3-30-13: Kolb signs a 2 year $13 million deal with Buffalo to become a stop gap starting QB)

5) Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo; UPDATE 3-18-13: Fitzpatrick signed a 2 year deal with Tennessee to be the new backup to Jake Locker)

6) Drew Stanton (Indianapolis; UPDATE 3-13-13: Stanton signs a 3 year deal with Arizona and will backup recently acquired Carson Palmer)

7) John Skelton (Arizona; UPDATE 4-3-13: After being released by Arizona on 4-1-13, Skelton has been claimed off waivers by the Cincinnati Bengals to compete to be Andy Dalton's backup)

8) Rex Grossman, (Washington; UPDATE 4-3-13: Grossman has re-signed with Washington and will serve as the #3 QB behind RG3 and Kirk Cousins)

9) Jason Campbell, (Chicago; UPDATE 3-26-13: Campbell signed a 2 year contract with Cleveland and will compete with Brandon Weeden to be the Brown's starting QB in 2013)

10) Bruce Gradkowski, (Cincinnati; UPDATE 3-13-13: Signed a 3 year contract with Pittsburgh Steeers to be Ben Roethlisberger's backup)

Other notables:

Chase Daniel, (New Orleans; UPDATE 3-12-13: Daniel signed a 3 year deal with Kansas City to backup Alex Smith and possibly be groomed for the future beyond Smith)

Matt Cassel (Kansas City; UPDATE 3-14-13: After being cut by the Chiefs earlier in the day, Cassel has signed a deal with Minnesota to be Christian Ponder's backup)

Matt Hasselbeck (Tennessee; UPDATE 3-18-13: After being released earlier in the day by the Titans, Hasselbeck has signed a 2 year deal with the Indianapolis Colts to be the new backup to Andrew Luck)

Tarvaris Jackson, (Buffalo; UPDATE 2-16-13: Jackson signed a 1 year deal to remain in Buffalo)

Vince Young, (FA)

Josh Johnson, (Cleveland; UPDATE 3-22-13: Signed a 2 year deal with Cincinnati)

Brian Hoyer, (Arizona; UPDATE 3-21-13: Hoyer has signed his one year tendered offer with the Arizona Cardinals and will compete with Drew Stanton to be the Cards starting QB in 2013)

Byron Leftwich, (Pittsburgh)

Kellen Clemens, (St. Louis; UPDATE 4-15-13: Re-signed with the Rams on a 1 year deal)

Matt Leinart, (Oakland)

Brady Quinn, (Kansas City; UPDATE 4-9-13: Quinn has signed with Seattle to be the new backup to Russell Wilson)

Derek Anderson, (Carolina; UPDATE 3-13-13: Anderson re-signed a one year deal to remain in Carolina and be Cam Newton's backup)

Sage Rosenfels, (FA)

David Carr, (NY Giants; UPDATE 3-19-13: Re-signed a 1 year deal to once again be Eli Manning's backup for the Giants)

Luke McCown, (Atlanta; UPDATE 4-1-13: McCown signed a one year deal to be a backup in New Orleans)

Some other notables by type of free agent:

UFA's: Charlie Batch (Pittsburgh), Tyler Thigpen (Buffalo), Donovan McNabb (FA), Troy Smith (FA), Chris Redman (FA), J.P. Losman (FA), John Beck (FA), Stephen McGee (FA), A.J. Feeley (FA), Jordan Palmer (FA)

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