Dear Fantasy Football Fans,

We are very excited to join the team and we are really looking forward to the 2012 season!

It has been great to hear from our long time followers and assure them that we are going to be actively involved with Russ Bliss and the gang this season.

One of the primary reasons we elected to partner with was because they offered us more of an active role in generating the fantasy football content and having a say in how players are ranked.

As mentioned in the email that went out, we liked what we saw with the guys at Starters. Starters' product offering has some similarities to what we used to provide and that was a strong reason for deciding to join them. It's a company that focuses on providing good fantasy advice and guidance and we think that when you don't get distracted by trying to do all sorts of other things, the effort gets reflected in good solid work.

So we are very much looking forward to diving in and "getting our hands dirty" once again!

We hope you register and become a member to the site this season!

-Dan and Kelly Grogan

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