by Michael Sturman, Guest Writer for (6/11/12)

Four-time NFL Most Valuable Player, Peyton Manning, has set records no one else in the history of the game has touched and has led his team to two Super Bowls without anyone so much as batting an eye: it's what we've come to expect of Manning. Until now, that is. Those who've enjoyed watching Manning on Monday Night Football or cable sports channels know how important he's been to the game. When news of his nerve injury was reported, ultimately leading him to the sidelines for an entire season, fans were devastated. After helping to build up the Indianapolis Colts' franchise, Manning was released from the team.

A New Era With The Broncos

Now Manning's suited up in a Denver Broncos uniform and is working on building strength in his throwing arm. Broncos coach, John Fox, commented "I think he's doing tremendous!" Fox went on to say that Manning is looking great and getting adjusted just like any other new player on the team would do. Along the practice's sidelines, though, the media watches and speculates, expressing concern about some errant long passes made during practice.

AP News relays that Manning was caught a bit off-guard by the scrutiny of his play during practice. In response to cable and news media questions about his ability to throw and connect with the intended target, Manning responded that completing one out of five long passes is actually great accuracy. "I will say that when you are throwing deep balls, the idea is to take your shot. It's not the highest percentage play but we're going to keep throwing them," said the quarterback.

Is He Ready?

Coach Fox couldn't be more pleased with his new player or the way the team is looking. He said that the Broncos are in a far better place right now than they were this time last year. Manning's presence on the team is sure to draw attention during the season, but viewers from the media are concerned about his consistency and readiness.

After playing with the Colts for 14 years, a big part of the issue here is not Manning's ability to play the game, but the time needed to adjust to his new team and their way of doing things. While speaking with local television and cable media, Manning stated that he's still working on finding his comfort zone in Denver and continues with ongoing rehabilitation. These factors, along with having to divide up practice time with the other quarterbacks on the team, will continue to play a role as Manning works to maintain and build the strength and ability he's regained through rehab.

Everyone Is Tuning In

According to, there's barely been a mention of any other team in the AFC West division since Manning joined the Broncos. Some speculate that if last year's Broncos could finish 8-8 for the season, there's no telling what they'll do in the upcoming season with Manning on the team. Manning fans across the country are likely to tune into Monday Night Football whenever the Broncos are scheduled to see the new, rehabbed Manning back in action.

In the meantime, Manning is excited to be back on the field, getting ready for the season with his new team, and he's not the only one. Tight end, Jacob Tamme, who played with Manning for four years in Indy is excited to be reunited with the quarterback. "It should be a lot of fun", expressed Tamme. In the meantime, Manning's fans await the season opener and the opportunity to see their quarterback return to the field.