Staff Writer: Scorch
June 2013

It's been almost two years since I gave my last way early fantasy football projections and boy has allot changed
. Who would have thought that going into the 2013 fantasy football draft season you would possibly see guys like: Aaron Rogers 446 total season fantasy points, Peyton Manning 422 points , Tom Brady and Drew Brees 404 projected in the top 12/first round for most drafts. The quarterback friendly league we have turned into is making it harder for teams to avoid Quarterbacks and even tight ends in the first round (Gronk and Graham with his 258 total fantasy points went in one of my drafts spots 11,12 last year). Of course AP is going to be there and I do see guys sneaking up early 2013 fantasy football draft boards like Dez Bryant WR for the Cowboys and Doug Martin Running Back Buccaneers. They are sure not to surprise anybody this season.

What is surprising to me though? Keep in mind I am using a standard scoring system, 12 team league PPR....Jamal Charles (292 fantasy points) RB Chiefs a top 10 prediction, CJ Spiller running back Bills and his 274 fantasy points along with Colin Kaepernick (371 predicted points) as top 20 fantasy football picks. Well ok, maybe Kaep but not Spiller. Here's who I do like Julio Jones, WR Falcons he's going to blow up this year and become at top3 WR along with Percy Harvin behind a solid Seahawk offensive machine. They also have identical points projected for this season: 284.

Last but not least I think our STARTERS Draft Analyzer is getting it right with allot of the early season 2013 predictions. Take for example Calvin Johnson 10 receptions 123 yards and a TD week one of the 2013 NFL fantasy season. I also like Tom Brady throwing for over 300 yards and 3 TD's week 3 vs. Tampa Bay and we still don't know who the NE TE will be playing that day. Aaron Rogers 334 passing yards and 3 TD's week 2 vs. Washington vs. 225 passing yards and 2 picks from fellow QB RG III, the Packers will have a better defense and Lacy will carry the load this season. Good luck this season my fellow fantasy football ballers and be sure to check out my good friend and our fantasy football expert Russ Bliss all season long from his blog.

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