Dynasty Expert's League Round 1 Results

New Dynasty Fantasy League starting in 2013 season; first round yields a couple of surprises

I'm taking part in a new dynasty fantasy football experts league and thought you'd like to see how each round has gone. We have the ability to make trades within the draft of both picks and players and there are 12 teams. Here are the teams taking part (in order of draft position):
DraftCalc - Smitty
FootballGuys - Jeff Haseley
Bruno Boys - Marc Caviglia
RotoProfessor - Eric Stashin
Fantasy Knuckleheads - Ray Tannock
Xs & Ys Podcast - John Evans
Wild Thing Football - Cliff
FantasyIndex - Andy Richardson
DrFootball - Louie
Dynasty Football Warehouse - Jay Myers
Fantasy Taz - Jim Day
Fantasy Football Starters - Russ Bliss
We're broken up into two 6 team divisions. Head to head; standard scoring with ppr; 20 round draft (expanding to 22 roster slots next season); and we start 1 QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, and 1 D/ST.
We just started Monday on our draft. It's a slow draft that likely will take a week or two to complete and I'll be updating each round here in my fantasy football blog as the rounds are completed. As I stated earlier, we are playing in a dynasty league. For those unfamiliar with dynasty leagues, basically it is a full roster keeper league. You can keep any players you have on your roster for as many years as you want. You can have them for their entire career if you choose to. There is no redraft, and next year when we hold our next draft, each team will decide whether to keep players on their team, or draft any new rookies or players who weren't on any of the participating fantasy team's rosters at the end of the prior season.
Here is how round 1 went (comments on picks are optional for each owner and included if they made one when making the pick or left one afterwards):
1) RB Trent Richardson (DraftCalc; comment: "T-Rich is my 1.01 in all formats. He could be in for a 15TD season in 2013!")
2) RB Adrian Peterson (FootballGuys; comment: "Hard to ignore Peterson here, although no RB coming off 2,000 yd season (N) has gained more than 1300 yards N+1. Then again, this is Peterson we're talking about here.")
3) RB Doug Martin (Bruno Boys)
4) RB Arian Foster (RotoProfessor)
5) RB Alfred Morris (Fantasy Knuckleheads)
6) RB LeSean McCoy (Xs & Ys Podcast; comment: "Coming off a down year and will share touches, but how many more touches will there be to go around? Still very much a fan of Shady's talent and optimistic about new offense.")
7) RB C.J. Spiller (Wild Thing Football; comment: "Spiller made the Top 10 RB's last year even though he had 100 carries less than the average of the other running backs in the top 10. The crucial key is that he averaged 6.0 yards per carry (matched only by AP), so Spiller could literally explode this year if he is given the right workload.")
8) RB Ray Rice (FantasyIndex; comment: "Franchise back should remain focal point of the offense for several years to come. Tempting to go with another position, but it's tough to field a strong lineup without one of these types of players.")
9) WR Calvin Johnson (DrFootball; comment: "Couldn't pass him up...didn't think he would be there")
10) WR A.J. Green (Dynasty Football Warehouse)
11) TE Jimmy Graham (Fantasy Taz)
12) RB Jamaal Charles (Fantasy Football Starters; comment: "Charles is ready to set new career highs in receptions with Andy Reid at the helm. An easy choice here")
Some observations of my own:
*-I've known Smitty at DraftCalc for a long time now and know he is never afraid of making the bold move or prediction. While I can't say I would have taken Trent Richardson 1st overall, I can understand his reasoning in the dynasty format. He really believes Richardson is the next young RB ready to step into elite status.
*-No surprise that RB's dominated the first round. But was a bit surprised that Jimmy Graham went this high. However, I am convinced that Graham can re-write the record books for the position if he can avoid the nagging injuries that have plagued him.
*-I was watching picks 6-11 closely as I had already identified the two players I wanted at the 12-13 turn. Charles was top 5 at the RB position for the ppr format to me and was glad to get him there. I was hoping A.J. Green (my #2 WR in ppr dynasty) would also be there for me take with the first pick of round 2, but Jay grabbed him with the 10th pick in round 1.
Round 2 coming tomorrow!