Dynasty Expert's League Rounds 5 and 6 Results

Quarterback and Wide Receivers runs dominate these rounds

Another day, another 2 rounds in the books of the DraftCalc Classic Dynasty Expert League. We have worked thru rounds 5 and 6 and teams are taking shape. You can see my comments about the first 4 rounds thru these links:
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Here is what happened in round 5:
1) WR DeAndre Hopkins (DraftCalc)
2) WR Torrey Smith (FootballGuys; comment: "There may be some better wide receiver options on the board in regards to 2013 production, but Torrey Smith is an up and coming young talent waiting to emerge. I like his chances to branch out this year as the Ravens primary receiving target. I expect him to lineup all over the field, running the entire route tree, including being a big red zone threat. He is a gem waiting to happen.")
3) QB Colin Kaepernick (Bruno Boys)
4) QB Drew Brees (RotoProfessor)
5) WR Jordy Nelson (Fantasy Knuckleheads)
6) QB Russell Wilson (Xs & Ys Podcast; comment: "QB stampede is winding down. I don't necessarily see top 3 potential from Wilson, but steady QB1 for a long time? Absolutely.")
7) WR Wes Welker (Wild Thing Football)
8) WR Tavon Austin (FantasyIndex; comment: "Too soon? Mebbe, but if the guy turns out to be a difference-maker rather than the safer but less dynamic options available at this point, I want him on my team.")
9) QB Matt Ryan (DrFootball; comment: "Youth over Brady")
10) RB Ryan Mathews (Dynasty Football Warehouse)
11) QB Matthew Stafford (Fantasy Taz)
12) QB Tom Brady (Fantasy Football Starters; comment: "While he lacks long term appeal, for the next few years Brady is still among the elite fantasy QB's and to get him here is nigh criminal")
Observations from round 5:
*-As I said yesterday, I knew the QB run was going to happen from late round 4 thru this round and when all was said and done, 9 QB's were selected since the 8th pick of round 4 thru the end of this round. I really wanted Colin Kaepernick as he is not just ranked in my top 10 fantasy QB's for 2013, but should also be a dynasty league stud for years to come. But I knew he wasn't going to fall to me when I failed to be able to make a trade up to get him. However I was very happy to get Brady as I was getting nervous after watching Brees, Ryan, and Stafford all go before my picks. Thankfully, in my opinion, Xs & Ys selected Russell Wilson instead of one of the QB's I really was hoping would fall to me. If Brady had been gone and Wilson had fallen to me, I probably would have held out until round 7 to take a QB as I am not convinced Wilson is a future star. In that scenario I was ready to go back to back with WR's in rounds 5 and 6.
*-Two rookie WR's went this round in DeAndre Hopkins and Tavon Austin. While both have a lot of upside, I'm not sure I like either over more proven guys like Marques Colston and Dwayne Bowe. But if they hit, they'll be great for years to come. I just am always leery of buying into rookie hype as it's more often just that: hype. And there has been a lot of hype with both of these rookie WR's.  
Round 6
1) WR Marques Colston (Fantasy Football Starters; comment: "3 consecutive years with 80+ receptions, over 1,000 yards and 25 total receiving TD's makes Colston a solid WR2 and while he only likely has another 3 years at a high level, I'll bank them over the other options available here")
2) WR Eric Decker (Fantasy Taz)
3) WR Mike Wallace (Dynasty Football Warehouse)
4) TE Jason Witten (DrFootball)
5) WR Josh Gordon (DraftCalc)
6) WR Danny Amendola (Wild Thing Football)
7) WR Dwayne Bowe (Xs & Ys Podcast; comment: "Nice high-upside No. 3 in start-three-receiver format. Don't love Alex Smith by any means but No. 1 target in Andy Reid offense does intrigue")
8) WR Reggie Wayne (Fantasy Knuckleheads)
9) WR Antonio Brown (RotoProfessor)
10) RB Frank Gore (Bruno Boys; comment: "His age is against him, however can't pass on a RB3 that averaged 4.7 yards per carry last year and plays on one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL.")
11) TE Kyle Rudolph (FootballGuys; comment: "I really contemplated this pick an awful lot. As I said when I took Aaron Hernandez, a stud TE is huge in dynasty leagues. Getting two is a luxury and lineup saver, especially when I can flex one if needed. Rudolph has Gronk-like efficiency in the red zone and likely will be the main goal line target this year and many years to come.")
12) WR Jeremy Maclin (Fantasy Knuckleheads)
Observations from round 6:
*-I figured there was going to a WR run this round and there was. 10 WR's were selected this round.  Colston's age concerns me a little but his production just stood out as clearly better than the other options. Dwayne Bowe was my next highest ranked WR and he went a few picks later.
*-While Dynasty Football Warehouse took his 5th WR in 6 rounds, he also pulled off a trade during this round where he sent Julio Jones to Xs & Ys Podcast for RB LeSean McCoy. I think it was a straight up deal but if I had been Xs and Ys, I would have made draft pick swap part of the deal since DFW had a serious need for a RB (I turned down trading Jamaal Charles for A.J. Green) and McCoy was selected several spots ahead of Jones.
*-DraftCalc had traded away the last pick of this round in a prior deal with Fantasy Knuckleheads. But Smitty also made a trade with FantasyIndex to get back into this round and acquired the 5th pick of round 6 along with the 5th pick of round 20 in exchange for the 12th pick of round 8 and the first pick of round 9. His selection of Josh Gordon disappointed me as I was really kind of hoping Gordon would fall another round or two as he has great dynasty upside.