Fantasy Football Radio Show Returns!

17th season of The Red Zone to start in August

Well, another year, another season of my fantasy football radio show!
I met with Santisi Brother's Pizzeria and Sports Grill and NBCSports Radio AM 1060 in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday and we came to an agreement for bringing back my radio show, "The Red Zone: Talking Fantasy Football and the NFL" for the 17th consecutive year.
For those new to this blog or to Fantasy Football Starters, I started a radio show dedicated to fantasy football and the NFL back in 1997. Back then you couldn't get a television network to talk fantasy football. There wasn't any stat tracker. Announcers and color analysts didn't mention it. NFL shows shunned it and those who played it were widely ridiculed.
Amazing how times have changed. How attitudes have changed. Now you can hardly get thru any sports radio show from August thru December without fantasy football being mentioned! And you can bet that once again, I'll be amongst them as I devote my show to it.
For those in Phoenix, the show starts Tuesday, August 20th and I will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-7pm Arizona time. And once again, all three nights I will be doing the show from Santisi Brothers inviting people to come out and play the free fantasy football challenge game I have been running out there since 1999. The last show will be on Thursday, December 26th. The show won't be on Thanksgiving night, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day.
I am hopeful we will again be carrying a live stream of the show here at STARTERS. I would assume so, but I have to do some work on that still. I'll let you know when I know for sure one way or the other.
I can't wait to start up again. Every year it is a lot of fun and thru it I have been able to meet many of our STARTERS members that are local in the Phoenix area. I look forward to seeing those who can make it out again this season!