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In tracking scores of fantasy drafts for 10-team, 12-team, and 14-team league sizes with standard scoring systems and starting requirements, there are definite trends regarding what round certain positions are being selected most often, on average. Knowing this helps you find the value pick of a player at a position that may have slipped through the cracks!

Our guide gives you the breakdown for 2013 by League Size, Round, and Position. Plus, we give you insider tips and tricks, such as:

"There will be some owners who will draft backups at the K position. But on average, the experienced fantasy owner doesn’t draft backups at the K position, (and shouldn’t draft a backup Defense either; but there are almost always a couple of owners who do) preferring to load up with depth at the RB and WR positions where there are fewer quality options available via free agency and waivers."

The guide also explains how to take advantage of adverage draft position (ADP) intelligence to make better draft picks. What's ADP, you ask? The guide explains:

"Many league management sites offer the ability to see where, on average, every player is being selected in both mock drafts and actual drafts completed on their sites. Some even allow you to sort by league size and scoring system. Typically, they also show you what was the highest and the lowest draft slot for each player as well. It’s called Average Draft Position (ADP) and it is an excellent tool allowing you to see where the players ranked on your cheat sheets are being selected and therefore in which round you can estimate they’ll be drafted. The advantage of this is knowing when a player who is ranked higher on your cheat sheets may be selected in a later round than where you have him ranked."

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