Do Wings, Beer and Fantasy Football Go Together?

Buffalo Wild Wings, Yahoo Suports to Celebrate National Draft Day

Wings, Beer and Fantasy Football go together like... well sports and sports bars. Or football and cheerleaders? Whatever the combination, Yahoo Sports and Buffalo Wild Wings certainly think it's a winning one. They are teaming up to mark National Draft Day, an event "celebrating the heart of the fantasy football picking season."

On Saturday, Aug. 24, Yahoo will have its experts on the ground at BWW franchises in Irving, Tex. and Oakdale, Min. to help assist fans with their drafts. Yahoo also will broadcast a live two-hour online show starting at Noon Eastern/10a Pacific, which will be avaialbe for your viewing pleasure at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants nationwide.  The show will review the latest news/notes from around the league while also revealing their top sleepers, busts and shocker specials at every position.

By the way, if you play in a Yahoo league, our fantasy Draft Analyzer has the Yahoo scoring system pre-loaded as an option when you create your roster, so you can get the most accurate picks for draft day. Login now or register to get started.

Meanwhile, please comment below with the answer to this question: Where do you prefer to host your fantasy draft?

  • sports bar?
  • your house?
  • online?
  • somewhere else?

Wherever you draft, be sure to take your cheat sheet with you, and best of luck!