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If you've only been playing fantasy football for 1-2 years, your upcoming fantasy draft may bring more fear than excitement!

Our free download this week takes the fear out of your draft by delivering an entire chapter on General Drafting Guidelines. Every draft is different, and every league is different. One thing we STRONGLY recommend to those who are new to fantasy football is not to get involved in certain types of leagues the first year or two of playing fantasy football. This guide tells you the types of leagues to avoid.

Plus, the specific round by round instructions included in this week's eBook chapter giveaway are crafted around a basic 10-12 team league that requires you to start only 1 quarterback. If you play in a league where you start 2 quarterbacks every week, the dynamic of your draft changes significantly. It becomes a much higher priority to select 2 quality quarterbacks in the first few rounds. Having the advantage of two quarterbacks you can count on to provide a high amount of fantasy points reliably every week will offset any disadvantages you may incur by waiting on the WR position. We give you round-by-round instructions, through Round 4, gratis.

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If you play in a league where you start 2 quarterbacks every week, you should likely spend your first 4 draft picks on 2 RB's and 2 QB's. And you may have to take the QB's in the first two rounds. It will depend on how the other owners in your league are executing their own draft strategy.

The guide is excerpted from Russ Bliss's "How to Win at Fantasy Football: Secrets of Gridiron Greatness," which is available free to Championship Package members, as well as a Kindle download on

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