NFL Game Picks and Survivor Pool Lock: Week 2

Russ Bliss Predicts the Winners of each NFL Game this week

Week 1 is in the books and I went a respectable, but unremarkable 11-5 on my NFL game picks. Every week seems to have its own challenges and this second week is no different. So without further ado, here are my Week 2 NFL Game Predictions:
New England 23, NY Jets 17
Carolina 24, Buffalo 21
Cleveland 20, Baltimore 17
Dallas 24, Kansas City 16
Indianapolis 21, Miami 17
Chicago 27, Minnesota 17
Philadelphia 31, San Diego 20
Atlanta 27, St. Louis 23
Houston 20, Tennessee 13
Green Bay 38, Washington 28
Arizona 23, Detroit 20
New Orleans 24, Tampa Bay 21
Denver 35, NY Giants 28
Oakland 27, Jacksonville 17
San Francisco 20, Seattle 17
Cincinnati 17, Pittsburgh 14
There you have them: my week 2 NFL Game Picks.
I managed to hit on my week 1 Survivor Pool Lock although the Raiders played the Colts much tougher than I expected. That makes me 1-0 on the SPLOW (Survivor Pool Lock of the Week). Here are the results to date:
Week 1 (W; 21-17) Indianapolis over Oakland
Keeping in true Survivor Pool rules, once I use a team I cannot take them again later in the year. This week boasts a couple of games to choose from, but one stands out most to me. I like taking east coast home teams against traveling west coast teams. Especially when that west coast team is coming off a game from the prior Monday. I know this east coast team played Monday night as well, but at least they don't have to fly across the country. And while both teams looked pretty good week 1, one had a big lead and then choked it away while the other had a big lead and held on to win. Demoralization + Long road trip = loss.
My Survivor Pool Lock for week 2 is: the Philadelphia Eagles over the San Diego Chargers.
We'll see how it goes this week. Best of luck to all in your picks!