NFL Game Picks and Survivor Pool Lock: Week 17

Russ Bliss Predicts the Winners of each NFL Game this week

And now we come to the end of another season. I have been much worse on the weekly picks than I usually am and fell wildly short of the annual goal of 180 correct. Going 11-5 in week 16 was okay, but I still only have a record of 151-88-1 on the season as a whole. Far short of where I thought I'd be when the season began. But we have one more week left and I continue to do my best.
My week 17 NFL game predictions:
Cincinnati 24, Baltimore 17
Carolina 20, Atlanta 17
Pittsburgh 24, Cleveland 20
Minnesota 27, Detroit 20
Tennessee 23, Houston 14
Indianapolis 27, Jacksonville 17
Miami 23, NY Jets 10
NY Giants 21, Washington 20
New England 24, Buffalo 16
Denver 38, Oakland 24
Green Bay 31, Chicago 29
San Diego 37, Kansas City 17
Arizona 23, San Francisco 16
Seattle 20, St. Louis 13
Tampa Bay 28, New Orleans 27
Philadelphia 35, Dallas 17
There they are: my week 17 game picks.
I also really sucked on my Survivor Pool Locks this season. 10-6 on the weekly locks is about as bad as you can be. Detroit losing to the Giants last week was just another one of those disappointments for me this season. Here are the weekly picks and results:
Week 1 (W; 21-17) Indianapolis over Oakland
Week 2 (L; 30-33) Philadelphia over San Diego
Week 3 (W; 45-17) Seattle over Jacksonville
Week 4 (W; 52-20) Denver over Philadelphia
Week 5 (W; 34-20) St. Louis over Jacksonville
Week 6 (W; 24-7) Kansas City over Oakland
Week 7 (L; 27-30) New England over NY Jets
Week 8 (W; 42-10) San Francisco over Jacksonville
Week 9 (W; 27-23) Dallas over Minnesota
Week 10 (L; 27-29) Tennessee over Jacksonville
Week 11 (L; 23-28) Houston over Oakland
Week 12 (W; 17-13) New Orleans over Atlanta
Week 13 (L; 31-34) Buffalo over Atlanta
Week 14 (W; 29-26) Baltimore over Minnesota
Week 15 (W; 30-20) Carolina over NY Jets
Week 16 (L; 20-23) Detroit over NY Giants
There are no shortages of games to choose from this week but I really think there is one that stands out. The Chiefs are locked in as the 5th seed in the AFC and can do nothing to improve or lose that spot. They are very likely to sit many of the starters, or at least play them sparingly, and with San Diego clinging to slim hopes of a playoff spot, they will be going all out this week. This game shouldn't even be close.
My Survivor Pool Lock for Week 17 is: the San Diego Chargers over the Kansas City Chiefs.
Best of luck to all in your own picks this week and I'll be posting a recap next week along with weekly playoff game picks.