NFL Game Picks and Survivor Pool Lock: Week 15

Russ Bliss Predicts the Winners of each NFL Game this week

Another week; another 11-5 finish. On average, 11 wins every week is exactly what you strive for in picking NFL games as you'd finish the season with a record 187-69 if you hit on 11 every week. Unfortunately, I have not hit on that average. Instead, going 11-5 in week 14 places me at 130-77-1 with 3 weeks left. So even if I get every game right going forward, I cannot make the annual goal of 180 correct. The best I can get to is 178 and sweeping the last 3 weeks is just flat out unrealistic. Based on history, I would have a better chance of getting the Ring to Mount Doom in Mordor.
Here are my week 15 NFL game predictions:
Denver 41, San Diego 31
Buffalo 20, Jacksonville 17
Chicago 23, Cleveland 21
Indianapolis 27, Houston 20
New England 26, Miami 23
Philadelphia 31, Minnesota 24
Seattle 31, NY Giants 14
San Francisco 20, Tampa Bay 17
Atlanta 28, Washington 21
Kansas City 19, Oakland 16
Carolina 24, NY Jets 17
Arizona 20, Tennessee 17
Dallas 31, Green Bay 27
New Orleans 27, St. Louis 23
Pittsburgh 20, Cincinnati 17
Detroit 27, Baltimore 20
There you have them: my Week 15 NFL game picks.
Although it had one of the wildest finishes in any game in recent memory, my Survivor Pool Lock of Baltimore over Minnesota came through in the end. That makes me (ugh!) 9-5 on the locks this season. Here are the weekly picks and results:
Week 1 (W; 21-17) Indianapolis over Oakland
Week 2 (L; 30-33) Philadelphia over San Diego
Week 3 (W; 45-17) Seattle over Jacksonville
Week 4 (W; 52-20) Denver over Philadelphia
Week 5 (W; 34-20) St. Louis over Jacksonville
Week 6 (W; 24-7) Kansas City over Oakland
Week 7 (L; 27-30) New England over NY Jets
Week 8 (W; 42-10) San Francisco over Jacksonville
Week 9 (W; 27-23) Dallas over Minnesota
Week 10 (L; 27-29) Tennessee over Jacksonville
Week 11 (L; 23-28) Houston over Oakland
Week 12 (W; 17-13) New Orleans over Atlanta
Week 13 (L; 31-34) Buffalo over Atlanta
Week 14 (W; 29-26) Baltimore over Minnesota
As you can see from my game predictions I'm not expecting any blowouts (besides Seattle over the Giants; but I've already used the Seahawks one this season so in true survivor pool fashion, I won't select them again). But there is one game I feel best about. It meets the usual criteria I look for: home team, out of conference game, playing for a playoff spot, and weak opponent. As long as this team isn't looking past their opponent this week, they should win and possibly by a larger margin than I've predicted above.  
My Survivor Pool Lock for Week 15 is: the Carolina Panthers over the New York Jets.
Good luck to all in your own picks!


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