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Fantasy Football News Updates
QUARTERBACKS *-The Eagles have named Michael Vick their starting QB. If you've been paying attention to my blog all during the offseason you know I never really thought Chip Kelly was having an "open competition" as much as he was trying to ...
Aug 22, 2013
6:24:00 AM
Wide Receivers Dropping Like Flies All Over
It seems like wide receivers are dropping like flies in training camps all around the league. It's like the old Queen song: "And another one's gone, And another one's gone; Another one bites the dust." In case you've missed it, here's what's ...
Aug 7, 2013
2:13:00 PM
Dynasty Expert's League Rounds 5 and 6 Results
Another day, another 2 rounds in the books of the DraftCalc Classic Dynasty Expert League. We have worked thru rounds 5 and 6 and teams are taking shape. You can see my comments about the first 4 rounds thru these links: Dynasty Experts League round 1 ...
May 17, 2013
2:21:00 PM