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NFL Draft Sleeper QB Prospects
I recently completed my 2013 NFL Draft Preview on quarterbacks and while I am confident I covered the top prospects in this year's draft, there are two others I am intrigued with and will be curious to see where they end up. It's not often you get a ...
Apr 17, 2013
2:17:00 PM
2013 Off-Season Quarterback Moves Part 2
The second of a two part series on the many quarterback moves so far this off-season, in this one I'll address the lower profile moves (or non-moves) made by signal callers. Matt Cassel Old Team: Kansas City Chiefs New Team: Minnesota Vikings Analysis: ...
Apr 11, 2013
4:54:00 PM
2013 Off-Season Quarterback Moves
Is it just me, or does it seem like there was a lot of hype about the free agent quarterbacks and traded quarterbacks that was severely unwarranted this off-season? None of the moves had any "wow" factor at all. And something that really stood ...
Apr 8, 2013
1:52:00 PM
Kevin Kolb will Disappoint Buffalo Fans
If the Buffalo Bills think they've solved their QB problems by signing Kevin Kolb, they need to think again. Buffalo just released a Kolb-like clone in Ryan Fitzpatrick and expecting another weaker armed QB like Kolb to come in and succeed beyond what ...
Apr 1, 2013
1:08:00 PM