Fantasy Football Advice

Generic Opinions vs. Custom Predictions!
Staff Writer: Scorch

This time of year (August) NFL fantasy football fans start getting the itch to begin surfing the internet for sites that start to put out their fantasy football advice on the upcoming season. It’s pretty safe to say that everyone has an opinion, some form of predictions and a number of reasons what they base those opinions on. They also tend to have many experts with many different forms of advice. That approach works for them and in many situations those are good sites with solid recommendations.

Candidly, we are different in that regards cause at fantasy football starters we only have one expert (Russ Bliss). We took that approach for a very specific reason. First off, we wanted the best in the industry and second we wanted consistent fantasy football advice. Russ has been providing analysis for over sixteen (16) years and he is solid. His radio show has national notoriety and his tips are consistent and very strategic (i.e. Draft strategies, how to identify sleepers, etc.). The reason for that is our site is all about the numbers, because at the end of the day it’s a numbers game!

Year in and year out what we have learned is the numbers don’t lie. That’s one of the reasons why we focus on the numbers and let our members through our fantasy football forums focus on last minute advice.

Here’s what some of our members are saying about our the advice they get from our site on a weekly basis:

“I drafted 4th in a 10 team snake league that allows 2 trades and 5 free agents. So we go 20 rounds. I used the Raw analyzer. My 5 free agents area: M. Austin, M. Nugent, H. Nicks, B. Celek , Saints. I want to thank you for the deep draft advice on J. Charles (19th round)and D. Mason(12th round). They have really helped me the past few weeks. I finished in 2nd place (9-5) and now in the championship. It's really been an enjoyable season and I appreciate the helpful/prompt advice” – John 2 year Member

“JUST WANNA THANKS ALL U GUYS WHO GAVE ME ADVICE THRU THE WEEKS....I KILLED MY OPPONENT!!!” Shane 1st year member “I used all my resources, including all you guys provided to Win it all last weekend! Went from 6th to 1st, Beat the 3rd place team in 3-6 match-up, Beat the 2nd place team in 2-6 match-up, Beat the #1 team in the 1-6 match-up, Most points of all teams! Most trades – ended up with semi-dream team that included Rivers, Chris Johnson, Ocho , DeSean , Bironas and Ray Lewis and Pollard THANKS FOR EQUIPPING ME TO TAKE IT ALL THIS YEAR”- Mark 1st year member

So if you sign up and register to our site which is free – and want some solid fantasy football advice that’s consistent then check out some of our tips around: What it takes to win, tips on how to use our draft analyzer and general advice on how to utilize our proven winning software. Good luck this season and remember

“We crunch the numbers so you crush the competition”