Personalized/Custom Fantasy Football Picks
That’s what we are all about!
Staff Writer: JLC

While most NFL & fantasy websites focus on articles and their own form of predictions we tend to take a different approach when it comes to providing fantasy football picks. For the past six years we have worked very hard to develop a football algorithm that can allow our members to load in their scoring system, starting line-up requirements and league rules, so they get personalized player picks and stat projections.

Last year I was so convinced that Andre Johnson (WR, Texans- see 3rd years wide receiver theory) was going to be an early season favorite, however, as we all know he did not get started until four weeks into the season. Meanwhile I was leaving points on the bench for not starting Miles Austin over him in several leagues. I still attribute that to a poor Texans running game.

That’s why week in and week out the one thing that is for sure is our fantasy football picks get better and better as the season goes on. How that happens is the amount of “weighting” we put on in season performance vs. historical data. To that point we added last year the ability to review raw statistical data in our analyzers to ensure better even better picks and predictions.

This upcoming season is going to be no different, starting with draft season and in order to make good picks when it counts it’s always a good start is participating in Mock Drafts, like they say practice makes perfect. Plus, we have updated our software to make it even better this year. The next step is to incorporate some of the industries best practices for making fantasy football picks during your draft. If you’re a fan of Auction drafts and want to make good picks, check out Russ’s article on the topic.

We do our best to help our members win and here's what just a few of our members had to say around the type fantasy football picks and advice we provide throughout the season last year:

"Super Bowl Champs: Beasts win! I also want to thank Russ and his crew for the help. These guys are making fantasy football into an art form. This site is awesome! No way would I be here if it wasn't without their sound advice and solid picks". Jason 2 year Member

"I did get a bye this year being the number 2 seed and I have to say I would never have been able to do that without this site and their solid picks. You guys are totally awesome and I will definitely be back again next year. I will be going up against my dad next week for third place so I still have something to play for and I wish all of you good luck this last week." Ryan 2 year member

As the season goes on you can always get some solid advice from our very own NFL fantasy football analyst Russ Bliss, through his blog, who is always promoting in season analysis and insight on players to pick-up or drop/trade for on a weekly basis.

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