Dear Santa:

It's me, Russ again. Although I know I haven't always been good (especially at my NFL game predictions and sometimes my fantasy picks) this year, it wasn't due to evil intent. You probably know that already though having that ability to know when I'm naughty or nice, huh?

Anyway, you should know as it's that time of the season (fantasy championships) I need to get in my requests for Christmas. Before I get into that though let me say thank you so very much for bringing me a decent season by the St. Louis Rams. 6-8 wouldn't be a decent season for too many teams but considering the Rams had won a total of 6 games the prior three seasons combined, it's a rousing success! Your gift of potential rookie of the year Sam Bradford was a plus, along with making the rest of the division so terrible that the Rams actually have a chance of winning the division. Your ability to bring this type of unexpected gift was truly special. It doesn't hurt that one of my partner's, Jeff Coruccini, is a big San Francisco 49ers fan and his team was expected to win the division, but they have really stunk this year. Thank you for that added bonus!

Now, onto my list for 2010!

I suppose I should ask for things for others before myself. And so I ask for the following for my partner's here at

For Jeff: Jeff's a 49ers fan and while I usually would just take pleasure in watching his team fail, it's not quite in the spirit of the season, so please get his 49ers a QB. They need some consistency at the position.

For Dana: Dana's a big Arizona Cardinals fan and that team desperately needs a rushing attack. Or maybe they just need an offensive coordinator who will actually try running the ball. Either one should be good.

For Simon: Simon's a Detroit Lions fan, so my request for him is that you allow Matt Stafford to stay healthy for a couple of seasons so he and his team have some hope of being a playoff contender.

For Brady: Brady's a Chargers fan and therefore can you please get his team to win some games early in the year instead of having to basically sweep November and December to get into the playoffs each year?

Now onto me.

As you know, I have made it to the fantasy championship game in a few leagues again this season and I really like adding new trophies to my mantle. Therefore, what I want for Christmas is to destroy my opponents on the field of battle and to dominate message board smack talk for another season. Please Santa, allow me to crush, humiliate, and embarrass those whom my fantasy teams face this week.

Thanks Santa! Have a safe trip around the world!

Russ Bliss

P.S. I've always wanted a red choo choo train too.