Background on fantasy football average draft positions and how our fantasy football draft analyzer- is even an better edge!

Jeff Coruccini, President and CEO

Almost twenty (20) years ago to the date was the first time I laid eyes on my first list of fantasy football average draft positions. We had just installed a fax machine at my office and heck I thought we were going to put federal express out of business with that piece of technology. Well, tens of thousands of fantasy football ADP's later- one thing is for sure, sometimes its better to be lucky than good but you should always have a strategy going into your NFL fantasy draft.

Just after we came up with the fantasy sports industries first Line-up Analyzer, we shared it the second half of the 2004 season with NFL Players Inc. Thousands of users later we learned another thing and that was that this demographic/fantasy football fan is use to " fantasy football average draft position analysis" by way of cheat sheets, tier rankings, weekly power rankings and player projections" so if you want them to use your software then you better to continue to provide these manual ADP listed rankings.

Thats where we came up with the idea of creating a draft analyzer that would be updated 24/7 and be more accurate than a summary of outdated fantasy football average draft position analysis. You could run this analyzer during your draft, or right before and print off cheat sheets, tier rankings right before you go. What a great strategy, on demand player updates for my own personalized ADP's.

See for yourself - Tips on how to use our fantasy football draft analyzer for better Average Draft Position Analysis:

1) First go to the "draft analyzer" button on the home page and create a name & drop in a scoring system for your roster.

2) Make sure you set the proper number of minimum/maximum players you can have on your roster, by position, as those nauances of your league are what makes the difference in fantasy football average draft positions.

3) Always run the draft analyzer starting with week #1 through week #17 ( I know you can run it through the super bowl but thats for later in the year. Stick with my fantasy football ADP tip.

4) Be sure to include "players that might not be drafted" you want to get familiar with names of potential back ups to back ups in your fantasy football average draft position analysis.

5) Finally, remember that it takes every facet of managing a fantasy football roster the entire season to win. Not just fantasy football ADP lists for drafts, you need to make good trades as well as setting your weekly fantasy football starters.

All joking aside its the best tip on managing/analyzing fantasy football ADP's gets down to this: spend 70% of your time focused on RB's and WR's, then 20% of your time on TE/QB's as its so critical to pay attention to what players to "hand cuff" and what players backing up, back up players could end up being a #3, #4 back up and get into the NFL starting lineup that season.

The other tip is to get an early start at paying attention to player performance no later than the second week of training camp, so you know what players to watch during NFL Preseason games.

Another great benefit to becoming a fantasy football starters power player member is the personalized mobile roster alerts you will get twice a week during the NFL season on players to add/drop from your roster- talk about competitve edge, this is the best fantasy football tactic in the industry.