Fantasy Football Draft Season – The best time of year!

Staff Writer: Coruccini

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Its June and never too early to start thinking about fantasy football draft season. That’s right tons of sites are gearing up their mock draft software, to lure those fans that want to practice/brag on their football IQ (us included of course), which always makes this time of year fun.

In chatting with my good friend and business partner Andy Benoit of last night, along with another friend who was amazed that we could be arguing about NFL football before training camp even started. “That’s the great thing about this kind of banter (ok we were not in agreement on if Alex Smith could be a decent QB) no one is right or wrong because the games have yet to begin” Benoit went on to say. Plus, by the end of the season- no one will remember if one of us was right or wrong- NOT!

Fantasy Football brings that type of conversation out in all of us as we start to prepare in how we are going to approach fantasy football draft strategies. One of the great topics people tend to “ping” our fantasy football guru Russ Bliss on these days is what is the best approach/recommendation on two very different styles to drafting (i.e. Tier Rankings or Value Based Drafting).

Personally, I am a tier ranking guy, it just appears easier to manage and gives me the opportunity to rank/slot players that so early in the season are seen/perceive as equal. I do remind them that they could have their own customized tier rankings ready in advance for their fantasy football draft and you can too!