There is an old saying which is "keep it simple" and honestly its not as easy as it was in the past even when it comes to fantasy football. More complicated league scoring sytems, tons of information/content out on the internet, therefore, for any fantasy football fan, the thinking is one must have a fantasy football draft strategy for every type of league they compete in.

From an "overall winning strategy" its very important to incorporate into your draft process a solid long term roster managment strategy that includes strategies about trades and lineup execution.

We suggest the following as some "must reads" to help you piece together the best overall fantasy football strategy for you. Some fundamental tips are always going to apply. These are some great tips:

Overall Roster Management Strategy: Be sure to check out this ever so popular Russ Bliss article on fantasy football strategy. Remember its a marathon not a sprint! Its so important to remember championships are won in December. If you don't stay in the know after the draft your in trouble.

Draft Strategy & Tactics: The best of the secret sauce in this article which will lay out benefits around value based and tiering strategies. This has been read by thousands of fans and will give you the confidence when competing in fantasy drafts. Having an understanding of the many different ways you can draft is going to be a strong part of your overall strategy.

Tiering Strategy: This article is dedicated soley to Tiering strategies and is very in depth. One of my favorite and successful approachs to standard scoring systems. I find it easy to manage and when looking for best overall player value, guidelines are simple.

Auction Draft Strategy
: A solid process to follow when participating in Auction drafts and will help you understand how to incorporate our draft analyzer. That said you have to be very careful when their our salary requirements, thats when the real GM comes out in all of us.

Law of Averages: Are you kidding me! Thats right just like real life this fantasy football stuff takes on a roll of its own and this article will bring some reality back to fantasy! Granted the times/players have changed, but you get the gist of the message.

We are confident that you will get a ton of great advice around building a solid fantasy football draft strategy along with insight to managing your rosters all season long. Championship Package members get even more with personalized fantasy football player rankings created by our our Analyzer tools. The Draft Analyzer helps our premium members set up and execute their fantasy drafts, while our Lineup Analyzer helps create personalized player Power Rankings for each week of the season.

We also have more great articles in our "Word to the Winners" section. Another great source are our fantasy football forums with passionate raving fans who are happy to help you with any draft, trade, team or lineup questions.

Good luck!