Fantasy Football Technology: Mock Draft Simulation, Calculations & Predictions
by: Staff Writer Jeff Coruccini

When we created this website in 2003 none of us imagined how much technology would go into fantasy football predictions. Our first football algorithm was designed around a fantasy football line-up help analyzer. It was not until our second season and the great addition of Russ Bliss as a partner that we designed our first value based algorithm for fantasy football drafts. It seemed to us like a "slam dunk" in that those would be the only two products we would ever develop.

Well five additional products including the industry's first fantasy football trade analyzer, along with fantasy football alerts and mobile access it has become very clear that technology has deep, deep roots in the fantasy football software business. Yes there is need for analysis, stats and updates on demand. Now the fun part is a lot of what has been introduced recently has come from us- so we are part of the fantasy football technology craze!

What is interesting is how over the last two seasons there have been some "so called" fantasy football calculator products that appear to really be just an excel version of addition and subtraction. While it might be a good forecasting tool I think there needs to be more Predictive Analysis factors before you can really say its technology vs manual calculation.

Probably the closest to a real fantasy football mock draft simulation software is what we have created with our version and the inclusion of "automated mock draft experts". A great way to leverage our software and provide our valued members a great experience. Leveraging our existing fantasy football technology is an advantage we have over any competitor in the world. Thats right we have a five year start in perfecting our fantasy football predictions. Each algorithm (Draft, Trade, Team, Line-up and Mock Draft) is a component of multiple algorithms that reside on a leading technology platform designed, developed and implemented by The Chatfield Group. As we look to improve our accuracy we can do this by effectively modeling each process/algorithm.

Its not easy when you are trying to simulate or model data, which is why making enhancements to our products takes probaby ten times more effort and due diligence managing through a very rigid software delivery life cycle process. What we mean by that is there is tons of testing our fantasy football mock draft simulations, lineup analyzer predictions, trade analyzer recommendations and team predictions. It takes a lot of hard work and effort which is something Brady, Dana, Russ and Simon have never hesitated to take on- which makes this a great team!

We wish you the best of luck in your quest for a fantasy football championship and think that if you give our fantasy football software series of tools a try, you'll find what thousands of others have discovered: we can help you win. Get started now by registering here!