2013 Fantasy Football Rankings

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2013 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings (1-30) (updated 7/13/13) by Russ Bliss. Earlier this year Patriots RB Stevan Ridley was just outside the top 10 fantasy RB rankings. But there have been some changes since and some who were in the top 10 have dropped out. See who's is, who's dropped, as Russ goes on to list the top 30 fantasy RB's in 2013 as training camps approach

2013 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings (31-60) (updated 7/18/13) by Russ Bliss. RB's are a premium position and no matter what, you're going to have to know who to acquire outside the top 30 deep in your fantasy football drafts. A guy like DeAngelo Williams is in a committee in Carolina, but also has the ocassional big game.

2013 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Rankings (updated 7/9/13) by Russ Bliss. Few QB's get as maligned as Tony Romo both in the NFL and Fantasy Football worlds. While the NFL criticism has validity, Romo is usually a strong fantasy QB1 each year. Where does he rank heading into preseason? Check out Russ's latest rankings

2013 Early Fantasy Football WR Rankings by Russ Bliss (2/19/13): A few wide receivers stepped up and surprised in 2012 while a few big name guys disappointed greatly. In creating an early top 10 list for the WR position, Russ found himself omitting guys like Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald while providing a breakout surprise fantasy football sleeper in the #7 spot overall

2013 Early Fantasy Football RB Rankings by Russ Bliss (1/30/13): No Matt Forte? No Darren McFadden? No DeMarco Murray? That's right, none of these players made Russ's initial top 10 fantasy RB's for 2013. Who did? It may surprise some people who is on the list, and Russ even surprised himself by having to comment on 11 guys because 10 wasn't enough.

2013 Early Fantasy Football QB Rankings by Russ Bliss (1/22/13): Super Bowl 47 hasn't even been played yet and Russ is typically already looking forward to the 2013 season. See who made the list and who didn't, in what he considers to be a deep fantasy QB draft class in 2013. This list represents his first version of the top 10 QB's for the 2013 season.