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Providing accurate fantasy football player predictions is something we live and die by here at fantasy football So its always critical for us to ensure we have the most accurate fantasy football stats to incorporate into our NFL football optimization algorithm.
All of our algorithms for the Draft, Trade, Team and Line-up Analyzer have a "life blood" of stats feed into them daily. Without that there's no telling how impossible it would be to have tools like the line-up analyzer make accurate fantasy football picks!
Fantasy Football is nothing but "gonkulating" statistics and there's more than 20 million of us fantasy football fans that pour over football stats daily from the first week of September through the first week of February- thats right Super Bowl or bust!
So in closing never take for granted the importance of fantasy football stats take for example the theory we have on fantasy football wide receivers this year. Our very own Dana Valentine has a great article and we even did a fantasy football press release on the subject and you can read more on the release now.

If you want more information about how we specifically apply our algorithms to software here's more:

Who we are:

A team of five (5) dedicated individuals who have developed a way to predict Pro Football Player & Team performances through a Software *Algorithm that utilizes Statistics and Real time player updates.
The team leverages established skills and attributes relative to performing predictions through:
• 75+ years Computer Programming experience
• 45+ years Fantasy Football experience
• 20+ years developing/creating predictive algorithms
• 20 years product development experience

*What is an Algorithm? In its most general sense, an algorithm is any set of detailed instructions which results in a predictable end-state from a known beginning. A Computer Program is another pervasive example of an algorithm. Every computer program is simply a series of instructions (of varying degrees of complexity) in a specific order, designed to perform a specific task.

How we do it: Through four (4) distinct Tools/Products, powered by our football algorithm, available on the internet and mobile phones consumers can access our:
Draft Analyzer- Predicts & Recommends players to draft and when Trade Analyzer- Analyzes and Recommends Trades & Drops/Adds Line-up Analyzer- Weekly Player Predictions & Line-up recommendations
Team Analyzer- Analyzes opponents roster and predicts outcome
Simulations generate results- d through our Fantasy Football *Algorithm using past, current and individual predicted factors – produce future performance outcomes and probability.
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