Step 1. Go to the "My Rosters" tab (upper navigation bar).

- Click on "Begin naming and creating your fantasy football rosters (maximum 5) now!"

- Name your team & click the "Create Team Now"

- Be sure to: Set up your starters and flex players (if any) for each position. If your league starts 2 RB's and 2 WR's and has a flex option for starting a 3rd RB or WR you would enter a min of 2 starters and max of 3 starters for each of those positions. If you have no flex player options, leave the flex number as 0.

- Enter your scoring system. If you have any special scoring bonuses like defensive bonuses/penalties for yards or points allowed, or an offensive position gets an extra bonus for reaching a certain amount of rushing/receiving/passing yards, there is a drop down bar under the defensive scoring column that says "Select Type of Ramge" and this is where you would enter those extra bonuses. After each of those (if any) you would click on the button that says "Save and Add New Range".

-When finished click on the button at the bottom that says "Save and Go Back!"

You will now be directed to a page that shows the team names and links to access our analyzer tools.

Step #2. Loading Draft/Roster/Line-up information.

- Click on the Draft Analyzer (DAN) page, use the drop down bars to pull up the appropriate number of teams in your league and the number of rounds in your draft. Ignore the "What draft position do you have" bar since that function is not operational at this time. Your min starters for each position should have automatically been imported to this page so you just need to set the max number of players at each you expect to draft.

- Tip: Default Scoring System: We have set one up for calculating the max players at each position using our formula of not drafting backups at lower priority positions like TE, K and D and assigning more draft relevance on positions like RB and WR.

- Tip: We also recommend not drafting more than 1 backup QB so if you only start one in your league, it will default to 2. You can use this button to set the max numbers for each position or you can manually change them yourself if your league places speical roster limits on the amount of players you can have at each position.

- Tip: If TE's are an optional position in your league, you can leave the checkmark in the box next to "Allow TE's to be used as WR's". If your league requires you to start a TE, clear the checkmark from that box by clicking inside it.

- Tip: The next check box "Show players not expected to be drafted" is there for you to choose whether you want to see all players on the Draft Analyzer (which I myself do prefer) or whether you just want to see those players we feel should be drafted based on the max numbers entered for each position.

Note: If you don't want to see all players and their projections and rankings, uncheck the mark in that box. If you do want to see them and have a complete list of all players of relevance, at every position, leave it there.

Step #3: Run the Draft Analyzer:

- Click on the "Run Analyzer" Or "Run Raw Data Analyzer" button to activate the system for creating a customized Value Based Draft board and the Tier ranking cheat sheets based on your scoring system.

- Tip:For an explanation on the difference between the two different analyzer options, here's a link to a post that describes the differences to a tee!

- Tip: Russ Bliss prefers using raw data as it assigns projected points value to the decimals within the system instead of rounding to the nearest whole number before assigning projected points value.

- Tip: The Value Based Board will pull up after you click on one of the 2 analyzer options and above the board itself there will be links for printable versions of both the Value Based Board and the Tier Rankings system for each position.

Note: If you have questions about what the two numbers next to a players name on the Value Based Board mean check out here the difference between the overall projected fantasy points and the value based draft number.

Hopefully this answers your question.

Welcome to FFS and good luck on your season!