Is a question even the partners (Russ, Jeff, Dana, Simon & Brady) here at fantasy football starters find ourselves asking before each other prior to every NFL Season. I personally like  participating and thats why we have our own version of fantasy football mock draft software, that lets you compete against mock draft computer experts.

Some tips for mock drafts:

1. Like any sport or competition the more you practice against people that are better than you, the faster you get improve. Lots of fantasy football mock draft communities to take advantage of including ours here at

2. Like any draft understand the type of scoring system you are drafting to in order to be as effective as possible. Russ, is awesome at any type of mock draft and he will be the first to tell you "pay attention to the detail".

3. Try/Practice different approaches (i.e. Tier Ranking usage vs. Value based Drafting theory) as this will give you the opportunity to see what is more effective. One of the most effective and easy tools for me is tier rankings, by way of our draft analyzer.

4. Be sure to have fun and for a great experience use our free fantasy football mock draft software as al you have to do is register for free.

We are doing some great enhancements to our mock draft software to really improve ease of use.