ESPN Fantasy Football Mock Draft - Ok but not cutting edge!


At fantasy football starters we have the benefit of completing surveys and getting input from members who play ESPN Fantasy Football. Like all the other big companies ESPN Fantasy Football Mock Draft software has some benefits, but more limitations than we desire as fantasy football fans. Take Hector and Victor for example, a lot of our members say we do a heck of a lot better with our free fantasy football picks than ESPN fantasy football pundits such as those guys. From time to time we will do in depth fantasy football analysis only to find that our personalized fantasy football cheat sheets are way ahead. If you are not a member to fantasy football starters- REGISTER NOW- its absolutely free!

Don’t get me wrong 38% of our members play ESPN Fantasy Football and are happy with their fantasy football cheat sheets and analysis. However, they also double check them and compare their predictions to our fantasy football player rankings week in and week out. That’s why when you use ESPN fantasy football mock draft software, be sure you know it’s only as good as the limited scoring systems it supports.


Fantasy Football Starters free fantasy football Mock Draft software allows you to incorporate those unique scoring/line-up requirements from any league configuration/offering, which gives us the edge over the ESPN Fantasy Football Mock Draft Software. Best of all if you don’t have enough participants for your mock draft, you can use our draft analyzer as an automated participant! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED NOW


While ESPN fantasy football software has mass users they also have had their fair share of challenges the past two years during the NFL fantasy football season. Yes, they went with a free fantasy football model and have also left their members stranded, unable to set their fantasy football line-ups on more than one occasion. Allot of the major media outlets did stories on how the 2007 ESPN Fantasy Football League software had major problems come opening weekend, but their top competitors: CBS Sportsline Fantasy Football and Yahoo Fantasy Football had the same challenges.


Either way you go – it does not hurt to use our fantasy football software because its absolutely free and you can store and save your roster to get actual fantasy football player predictions all season long. It starts with our free mock draft software before the season then on to our draft analyzer during the pre season then our Fantasy Football Trade and Line-up Analyzer tools to give you on-demand free fantasy football player rankings throughout the entire season. Yes, ESPN Fantasy Football Mock Draft software is a good product, but you get so much more with us- for free! REGISTER NOW to get started!