CBS Sportsline Fantasy Football Mock Draft Software

Our mock draft software is free to use with any registered account, but only Championship Package members get EVERYTHING we offer: Draft, Lineup, and Trade Analyzer's; Smart player alerts both preseason sleepers and injuries throughout the season; 69 page How to Win at Fantasy Football eBook; and much more! Register NOW!

CBS Sportsline is a company not afraid to spend money when it comes to marketing and promoting their fantasy football products. Take their CBS Sportsline fantasy football mock draft product for instance, you will see it promoted on every fantasy football website (yes even their competitors) way before anyone else. They also don’t hide the fact that year in and year out they want their CBS Sportsline fantasy football league commissioner software to win that category at the annual fantasy sports trade association’s annual convention. The business of fantasy football mock draft software is growing each year and that’s why- members of Fantasy Football Starters have been prepping for their CBS Sportsline fantasy football drafts for free since 2008!

While all the partners at Fantasy Football Starters make it a rule to play in various fantasy football leagues, we make it a top priority to stay ahead of our competition. CBS Sportsline fantasy football mock draft software is a good product, but we have a leg up on them, especially when it comes to supporting multiple scoring systems and the ability to tap into our fantasy football draft analyzer as a participant in your live mock draft. Just like their other major competitors: yahoo fantasy football, ESPN fantasy football and even AOL fantasy football, features and benefits are limited to their customer base, thus a bias ADP reflective of their customer base only.

At the end of the day our fantasy football forums and community members, made up of more than 39% of CBS Sportsline fantasy football league participants gave us valuable feedback and input on what they wanted to see in our free fantasy football mock draft product. We needed to make sure that our fantasy football tool included integration with our fantasy football draft analyzer for use as an “auto participant” for mock drafts lacking enough participants and the three most important components to any mock draft software: set-up of any league’s scoring system, minimum and maximum starting line-up requirements (i.e. TE Flex or position combinations) and Universal ADP assessments.

Our free NFL/fantasy football mock draft software begins in May and is a hit with both our existing members and new members alike. It is easy to use and just like our other fantasy football analyzer products enable you to store rosters for the upcoming fantasy football season. Be sure to take advantage of setting up free live mock drafts by REGISTERING NOW- its absolutely free!