Yahoo Fantasy Football Mock Draft Software – Average at best


When your competing with some of the best media companies like we are its important our free fantasy football software is superior to an offering such as yahoo fantasy football mock draft kit. For years we have surveyed our fantasy football forums and members directly to see what we could do to surpass a yahoo fantasy football offering. The answer was clear and simple. Make sure our fantasy football tools incorporated all the scoring systems and we have made sure our fantasy football mock draft software does that and a lot more. REGISTER NOW to see of your self because its free! The entire team at fantasy football starters does like Yahoo fantasy football leagues software and that’s because unlike ESPN Fantasy Football or CBS Fantasy Football League software their’s appears to have more uptime. However, at the same time our fantasy football predictions are by far more accurate and the same goes with our draft analyzer and new release of our free mock draft software coming in April 2008.


Yahoo fantasy football has come along way over the past few years, but anyone who uses their player predictions will find out real fast they are not updated real time. How doe we know that? Because one of our competitors provides them and they are updated only on a weekly basis. Providing Fantasy football player predictions is our core competency and that’s why our free fantasy football mock draft software is fully integrated with our Draft Analyzer. Unlike Yahoo fantasy football mock draft capabilities, that are good, but not exceptional our products and player predictions are updated weekly during the off season and daily from September first through the NFL Super Bowl.


The Yahoo free fantasy football offering is one of the few that does make it easier for Yahoo members to use, unlike that of ESPN free fantasy football products and CBS Sportsline tools. However, once again the key ingredient is missing and that’s the ability to make it easy for fantasy football average draft positions (ADP) to be a universal representation. At Fantasy Football Starters our NFL ADP will be based on members from all the fantasy football leagues, thus, a much better barometer prior to the time you do your fantasy football draft.


That’s why in order for Fantasy Football Starters to have the best free fantasy football Mock Draft software competing with yahoo fantasy football mock drafts ,we have to make sure its not limited to the large companies fantasy football specific scoring systems/offerings and has built in robust capabilities like any league size and scoring system as well as an auto draft attendant that’s smart and can fill out your public or private fantasy football mock draft. Not a member- register now!