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The 2009 fantasy football season is over and now 2010 can't start soon enough for most of the 20 million fantasy football fans spread accross north america. That said, after the Super Bowl its only a matter of time before you start hearing all these experts talking about the Senior Bowl and you start to wonder will there be any Seniors entering the NFL Draft that just might make a fantasy impact? I am not crazy there are people out there that watch this stuff. Russ, Jeff and Dana are three guys who come to mind. They follow this leading up to the NFL College Draft.

Thats another topic in itself the famous NFL College Draft. NFL Fantasy Football is so popular these days that in order to have any advantage being a fantasy football tools provider, you must pay attention to every aspect of the NFL. That includes paying attention to coaching moves, what teams are doing in free agency and how that impacts the chemistry of the team (see Dallas Cowboys on how to blow it big time). With parity at its best in the NFL its no suprise teams turn to the NFL College draft. Those teams that are successful: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philly, Carolina, New England always draft good players. Maybe not great players but good players.

NFL Fantasy Football today is changing as well. Gone are the days when each team had one fantasy football stud running back. Now there are maybe just a handful of teams where there is one stud running back featured on the roster. That makes it real tough when your trying to assemble a kick butt roster through an nfl fantasy football draft. The year of the NFL wide receiver.. not just yet but each year NFL Fantasy Wide Receivers tend to be the one position where you can be a real "hit or miss".

One of the reasons we feature our NFL fantasy football tools and software products on this website is because of our unique features and benefits. Winning in NFL fantasy football is not all about just drafting a good team, but it means starting the right players, making the right roster moves through trades, "waiver wire pick-ups" and always looking ahead to potential match-ups you can take advantage of come playoffs. Thats why we are confident our Draft, Trade, Team and Line-up Analyzers will help you win just like it does for thousands of our members.

Now that we have simplified our NFL fantasy football "Power Player Package" this year its the best deal on the planet. We feature additional personalized services and tools to help you all season long. First, you get to see each and every individual player and team prediction these are updated daily during season, you also get access to personalized "weekly Power Rankings" which are personalized fantasy football cheat sheets for each roster you store (can save up to 5 rosters). Next take advantage of our NFL fantasy football mobile alerts, personalized sent out Tuesdays and Saturdays. These tools/alerts are sent to you for each roster recommending players you don't have that you should probably pick-up and also NFL fantasy players on your roster that you should not play due to injury or other reasons. We also have a mobile version of our Line-up Analyzer that you can use anytime/anywhere to analyze any of your rosters while on the go.

Winning in fantasy football is what we are all about and our goal is to help you win! We love it when people thank us for helping them win and its great to see an idea five (5) guys came up with over five years ago to build the best fantasy football community on the planet. That said, we also feel our Premium member package details here: NFL fantasy football (starters "Power Player Package") is the best deal on the planet. Enjoy our software and due hope you return back frequently- welcome!