Fantasy Football Starters "Power Player Package" In addition to all our free fantasy football products you get these five (5) premium products & personalized services for the 2008 season:

Wireless Starter Alerts: The industires first fantasy football mobile alert with personalized line-up recommendations on players to consider dropping or adding throughout the entire fantasy football season, for all your fantasy football rosters.

Personalized weekly power rankings - for each of your rosters. You get to see every fantasy football player prediction for each and every week including playoffs of the NFL Season ranked by your personalized scoring system. The best cheat sheet you could ever use week in and week out to help determine waiver wire pick-ups and more.

  • NFL Game Predictions. - Thats right be sure to check out who we predict to winning every NFL weekly match-up througout the entire season, including Playoffs and Super Bowl. Not only do we provide player predictions but have a fantastic winning record predicting NFL games as well.

  • Fantasy Football Mobile Line-up Analyzer for your WAP enabled phone. The industires only Mobile Line-up Analyzer, click here and go to the bottom of this page for instructions so you have access to our fantasy football predictions anytime,anywhere for all your line-ups through your mobile phone.

Best of all you only pay $9.95 for the 2008 Power Package pass with unlimited access! SIGN-UP NOW SO YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OFFER!

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