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Start 1-QB, 2-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE, 1-WR/RB/, 1-K, 1-D

8 Team League pt 10 yds rushing & receiving 6 pts TD, 1 pt 25 yds/ passing 4 pts passing TD, -2 fumble, -2 int
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Updated Roster, Play off help please? 3 / 960 12/20/12
Play off help please, Who to play 10 / 1013 12/18/12
A Win Gives me a first Week bye. Please help? 5 / 918 12/04/12
I have To Drop 1, Who goes? 4 / 1000 11/29/12

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thats how i have it set.. so at least we have the same game plan lol 12/21/12 05:34
yeah this is a hard choice. after looking a few sites, and seeing what other people think, and looking at targets, avg points per game. they are pretty much dead locked. I checked the experts who are the best at what they do.. and I have to go with Pitta this game. thanks 12/20/12 11:55
Alright this post includes my updated Roster, Added Ballard, added packers, Dropped Jennings, for Amendola, worries me that R.White, was limited last week, and they say his missing practice this week already. So I'm getting prepared just in case. With some Wr Opitions, C.Johnson Im going to assume is going to be taken out of the game very quickly if the packers score fast so the titans will drop the run all together to play catch up? Never sure with titans, On paper Ray Rice has a has it the hardest this week with matchups. taking on the 9th best defense of the giants. K.Moreno taking on the 20th ranked defense of the Browns, D.Murray, taking on the 32 ranked defense of the Siants, but who also limited D.Martin to trash yards last week. V.Ballard taking on 23rd defense of the chiefs. So... You see my problem. So I do play stats, Or do I play feelings. If I make it past this week I make Money no matter what and that would be nice:> thanks 12/20/12 11:42
alright thanks, , the guy in the other division, has been running on L.mccoy, M. bush, Forte, and A. peterson, as his running backs, and he holds the best recod in the league.. mccoy is hurt, m.bush is on ir, so i know his going to grab a running back this week. cause he is the favor to taket he superbowl with a record of 11-3, and most of that is just because of A.Peterson. and his defense, patiriots, have saved him a few times. , and he also has the seahawks, which also saved him. 12/19/12 05:44

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