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Trade Analyzer Bug? 1 / 362 10/09/13
Trade Analyzer has a bug when using FireFox 2 / 744 09/21/10

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I am running a trade through the analyzer and the results indicate a logic bug. I have used 3 different browsers resulting in the same conclusion: Remove Matt Bryant (K) = -99.5 overall/K starter value (This makes sense) Swap Matt Bryant with Mason Crosby (K for K) = +112.2 overall/K starter value (This makes NO sense) Add Mason Crosby keeping Matt Bryant = +111.5 overall, +112.2 k, and -0.7 RB starter value (This is ridiculous) Number of Flexes: 2 Current Quarterbacks Min Starters: 1 Max Starters: 1 Luck, Andrew Newton, Cam Current Running Backs Min Starters: 2 Max Starters: 4 Bernard, Giovani Ellington, Andre Martin, Doug Snelling, Jason Current Wide Receivers Min Starters: 2 Max Starters: 4 Bryant, Dez Hill, Stephen Jones, James Washington, Nate Wayne, Reggie Current Tight Ends Min Starters: 1 Max Starters: 3 Finley, Jermichael Miller, Heath Current Kickers Min Starters: 1 Max Starters: 1 Bryant, Matt Current Defenses Start: 1 Broncos Ravens 10/09/13 06:36
The numbers showing in my trade analysis seemed to be odd - affecting units which had nothing to do with my trade.  I then checked it by using a post trade roster which is identical to my current roster, and it shows differences on weeks 3, 4, 7, and 8 to my total roster and differences on weeks 3 and 8 to my starting roster!  This problem is only occurring in my Firefox 3.6.9 browser.  I have done identical tests in IE8 and all seems to work fine using that browser.  All of my Firefox add-ons are up to date. 09/21/10 08:27

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