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User bio: I started a fantasy football league with the 1983-1984 NFL season with 5 friends known as the TFL or Toumi Football League (after my last name). We followed in the footsteps of my father, who had been organizing a league for the two years prior. Since our inception the league has expanded to 8 teams and more recently 10 years. Scoring back in the early years was simple, unlike some of the scoring systems today. Points were awarded for TDs, TDP and yardage at 100 yards rushing or receiving and 250 yeards for passing. Since then we have slowly adopted a more "up to date" scoring system combining performance with TDs. We have never drafted or played a defense. In the past few years we have brought the scoring on par with curernt Internet league. We do not reward medocrity and points are based on a combination of TD and yardage. We have never used a PPR in the TFL. Many are suprised to hear kickers used to end up in the top 10 scoring at years end. We hold our draft poolside, in a cabana at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Serious, what better place to be liquored up and drafting a fantasy team with childhood buddies than Vegas? We usually make a weekend out of the draft and are all pleased with the results at the conclusion of the draft. Then again, maybe that is the alcohol doing the talking.
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WX Rock - Week 4 1 / 1352 09/26/13
2013 Watch List #3 5 / 1719 09/23/13
Weather Rock - Week 3 2 / 1248 09/20/13
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I start Williams with a change at QB and a dinged up VJ. 09/29/13 09:23
Live and die with DEN, roll all 3 of them. Sell Decker high if needed. 09/29/13 09:23
Bob3 vs OAK. 09/29/13 09:22
Tough to go with 2 Browns, but I would start them both. 09/29/13 09:21

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“I have been playing fantasy football for 4 years and before I never made the playoffs with other service I had, but with you guys I was high point total last year and won it all and this year high point again. I owe it all too you guys” Kevin first year member

“I have been a member for the past 2 years. Last year I placed 3rd and this year...well I am the 2009 League Champ! I do have to say though, the best thing I got out of FFS was the weekly Fantasy Alerts sent directly to my email. I had a few guys compliment me on my waiver wire pickups. Another said, "You only won because of FFS."” Josh second year member

“Thank You you were awesome I was high point total 2 years in a row and won it all I cant thank you enough see you next year” Rick 2 year member

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