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Signature (Text): 10 team PPR League w/return yards (1pt per 10)
Starters = 1qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 defense, 1 kicker
All td's are 6pts, QB's get 1pt per completion

rec= 1/10 yds, 1/catch
rushing= 1/10yds, 1/catch
qb= 1/10yds, 1/completion

Los Bastardos
RB: Marshawn Lynch,Zac Stacy,Andre Ellington
WR:Alshon Jefferey,Larry Fitz,Eric Decker,Reuben Randle,Stevie Johnson
TE:Jordan Reed,Delanie Walker
K:Mason Crosby
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Decker or Reuben Randle? 4 / 830 11/23/13
10th spot (trade pick) draft help 8 / 1230 07/10/13
James Jones for Fitzgerald? 8 / 1204 11/05/12
RG3 for Luck? 5 / 1166 11/04/12

  Post Name Last Update
Can't make up my mind, i think they are both boom or bust. 11/23/13 11:30
ignore players in sig, that's from last year. forgot to delete........crap! 07/10/13 16:51
So i have the #10 spot this year in our league which has QB heavy points. 6pts per td, 1pt per 10 yards passing and 1pt per completion. The guy with the #1 pick overall wants to trade his #1 and #20 for my #10 and #11 plus i pay his entry fee ($100). So he basically plays for free. But i get that #1 QB Brees or Aaron Rodgers. Leaning towards Brees since he had a few 100pt games in our system last year and that owner won it all. Just wondering if this is such a good move or should i just stand pat with my back to back picks in the first round? I can afford it but not sure yet. I'm at 75% that i want to do it. 07/10/13 16:50
He's up for it, but now he wants to throw in Luck for RG3. So it would be Luck and Fitz for my RG3 and James Jones. What do you think? 11/06/12 10:43

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