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Stay Away from the Raiders Backfield????? 5 / 1508 06/15/14
Keeper Question 2014 7 / 1474 05/24/14
Nothing Better....than crating a simple post to get this kiind of message. 5 / 1064 05/24/14
Bishop Sankey???? 3 / 1055 05/11/14

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Bold: Cordarelle Patterson 07/06/14 18:18
I can keep both: Tate-6th round pick Cameron-9th round pick (10) team league Non PPR By protecting both I would basically be penciling myself in with the 10th pick in our league since some team will protect (0) and some just (1) player. If I only protect one of them then my name goes into a hat so to speak where I would likly then have my name drawn to determine my draft position (4-9). 07/06/14 18:16
Given the recent article on Jordan Cameron posted here by Smitty should I keep him with a 9th round pick in a (10) team league/non PPR? 06/30/14 21:49
I know it's early and much more will be know once the preseason starts but would you as of now even bother trying to figure out who to take when it comes to a Raiders RB in MJD or Darren McFadden or would you rather take a flyer on: Terrance West-Ben Tate's Backup or Khiry Robinson-Rookie RB/Saints Right now these four seem to be bunched together with about the same ADP in (10) team leagues. 06/15/14 10:00

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