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Percy Havin! 8 / 1089 10/09/12
Drop Brandon Lafell.Pick Brian Hartline! 5 / 1154 10/01/12
Chris Johnson is worthless!!!!! 5 / 1150 09/23/12
Scott Chandler for Dustin Keller 2 / 1011 09/11/12

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I am yet to see a player multitalented as this guy.He is in a league of his own.He does everything.WR,RB,kick returns...& all at an high level.I might argue that he is among the top 5 offense players in the NFL this season.Way to go Percy!I am glad you have overcome the migraines & you are on beast mode right now. 10/09/12 22:36
Chandler is a big TE.Rule of thumb!If you have a big TE whose QB likes to throw the ball the probability of him having the advantage over smaller sfeties & CBs especially in the end zone is very high.Chandler is as big as Gronk..... in fact one of the biggest TEs in the NFL.I have a feeling he will have a good season especially with Ryan Fitzpartrick under center.Tamme is good but there too many options in Denver.Unless its a matchup consideration,I would take Chandler over Tamme. 10/01/12 06:03
What do you guys think? 10/01/12 05:47
This guy is just plain horrible!He should never have been ranked among top RBs in any fantasy drafts.This guy is a fantasy non factor.He is really hurting my team.I think I will just drop him since I can't trade him.He is worthless. 09/23/12 13:40

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