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Russ, you are the man need some help 7 / 623 10/12/12
Nicks/Andre- Russ Help me! 2 / 466 11/16/11
LeGarrette for Maclin 3 / 353 10/26/11
Hillis, DeAngelo, Jahvid, Forsett 5 / 403 10/01/10

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Thanks for the insight. I'm looking more on a macro picture (I guess I forgot to mention this was a 2 keeper league) and Murray's value isn't necessarily low. It's not necessarily Wayne that I'm targeting but this team is one that matches up well with mine for a trade and he's the best receiver he has so that's more of my reason for going with Wayne. Considering WR's are at a premium in my league, I feel like I could end up with overall better roster value, especially if Roberts continues to produce to a point where I can trade him for a RB. Or I can always trade one of the other 3 WR. People in my league always want WR. Do you think Sproles is that much of a downgrade from Murray? And Witten from Davis? 10/12/12 19:35
Any comments besides Russ would be appreciated as well lol sorry I should have mentioned that.. 10/12/12 11:21
14 team .5 PPR, 4 pt passing TD. Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, D, K, 14 roster spots. As of now, I am 3-2 and on a 2 game losing streak. My team is: QB: Matt Ryan RB: DeMarco Murray, BJGE, William Powell, Daryl Richardson, Joique Bell WR: Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Siney Rice, Andre Roberts TE: Vernon Davis, Jason Witten Obviously, Nicks being out has killed me and it hasn't helped that DeMarco and BJGE have been underperforming. Basically, my team is being carried by Ryan and Vernon Davis. I've tried hard to shop Witten and package him with Rice for another WR but everyone seems to give me the cold should based on principal that I have Davis. I'm confident enough in Witten than the value of trading Vernon much outweighs trying to force a deal and get less value for Witten. Right now in my league, everyone is looking to package players for a stud WR. WR's are at a premium (14 teams, 3WR starters). Anyway, the team in 2nd place is playing the 3rd place team this week and he forgot to add a TE before the game yesterday and his TE, Greg Olsen, is on bye. I offered up DeMarco and Vernon Davis for Reggie Wayne and Darren Sproles (who is also on bye for him). I figure I can plug William Powell into my lineup this week--which I wanted to find a way to do anyway. Question is, would this deplete my RB core too much or is there enough upside there that I should be OK with this team following the trade? Trade Analyzer says go for it but I'd still like to talk it out and receive some personal advice. The other owner isn't fully committed at this point but I think if I offer up Rice or Roberts to the deal, I can get him to commit. My new team would be the following: QB: Matt Ryan RB: Darren Sproles, BJGE, William Powell, Daryl Richardson, Joique Bell WR: Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Siney Rice/Andre Roberts TE: Jason Witten My receiving core looks pretty nice for a 14 team league but am I sacrificing too much elsewhere? Thanks for your thoughts. 10/12/12 09:18
2 Keeper League, 14 teams .5 ppr 4pt passing TD.. My team: 1 QB) Tebow 2 RB) DeMarco, Michael Bush, Jahvid Best, Hardesty, Jaquizz Rodgers 3 WR) Andre, Nicks, Maclin, Crabtree 1 TE) Finley, Heath Miller I kept Andre and Nicks coming into this year and will definitely be keeping DeMarco going into next year. Our draft order is slightly affected by keeper's total points from the prior year so Andre has more value than he typically would next year, as a keeper. Anyway, as you can tell, I could use a RB that has a good playoff schedule and not too many question marks with injuries. My only option right now is Blount as the owner has offered me a variety of deals as he would like to take either Andre or Nicks to keep.  He is out of the playoffs and is looking for a 2nd Keeper to go with AP. Blount is coming my way in all deals below. I just need to decide between Andre and Nicks, and who else Besides Blount I want in return of the guys below: He has: Dez Bryant, Bowe, Victor Cruz, Witten My problems are.. a) who do I trade between Andre and Nicks (the other will most likely be my keeper) b) If I decide Nicks I can get Bryant and Blount c) If I decide Nicks and want Witten, I could trade Nicks and Jermichael for Cruz, Witten and Blount (I don't want DeMarco, Witten and Dez) d) If I decide Andre, I'd have to go with either Bryant or Bowe and that would dictate Witten. This is a good one, hope to hear your thoughts soon. Thanks..  11/16/11 07:46

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